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Aleksa Vukicevic

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Thanks for the feedback.

Thank you. Glad you like it! 😄

Thanks a lot for the feedback! 👍

Thanks a lot😄. Appreciate the feedback.

Wow, this game blew me away. It's AWESOME. The visuals are incredible and the music is timed with what happens in the game. It's a nice touch how the game uses the computer owners name. Liked it a lot.

Fun game. Enjoyed it :D


Now this is really cool. Ending looks great :D

Awesome art and music! Fun game :D

Great game. Has kind of a similar structure like my game. Like it :D

Nice to see voice acting. Reminds me of Portal :D

Interesting game. I like horror games so... :D

Nice game. Like the explosions! :D

Has potential and not a bad game. Could use some more polish. Would be nice so you can see where to go next :D

This is a great idea inspired by what's happening right now. Great job :D

Fun game and a nice concept. Could fit the theme a bit better :)

Nice game. Could have a bit more theme.

It's fun! Like the shooting and the menu looks nice.

Thank you so much!

It's a nice game and the sky looks really good too :)

It's a fun game and a good idea. Liked it :D

Thanks for feedback.

Thank you! Glad you like my game :)

Thank you! 😄

I like this game. Really nice concept.

Thanks for the fedback.

Thank you! 😃 I'm not the best at writing music so I just didn't bother .😅

Thanks a lot!

Great game. Like it.

It's a nice idea. Great game :)

It's really fun, it gets hard after a while. Liked it. 😃

I got called an idiot at the ending... I like it😂 

Liked the visuals and music. It was a bit funny how heigh the player can jump 😂. Nice game.😄

Like the torch mechanic. Nice game.

Thanks, glad you liked it .😃

Nice game. Interesting way to implement the teme.

It's really funny... I like it 😂

Simple and fun. Nice game.

I like turtles :p The game is great!