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Nice little game! Like the text mode aesthetic - reminds me of old classic roguelikes and also a bit of ZZT / Megazeux. Its simplicity is also appealing. Haven't beaten it yet though!

I liked the game's aesthetics and the time portal game mechanic, although I couldn't quite wrap my mind around the plot. The atmosphere and graphics make it well worth playing, though!

Lots of fun and very originall as well!

Glad to be of help. Looking forward to your next game, then!

Loved the atmosphere and the art style. There were also some elements of immersion that I enjoyed very much, such as the character coughing now and then, his health worsening, having to lay down from time to time and so on.  The unveiling plot was also engaging to read, as well as the foreboding depiction of a post-apocalyptic aftermath.

However, I think the gameplay didn't quite live up to the other aspects of the game. It would have been nice to have more options as a player - the game mostly leads you by the hand, lacking any interesting choices, puzzle elements or any sort of challenge for that matter. Then again, this may have been a design choice, but from a player's perspective I think that it could have been a much better experience if the game wasn't so linear. There are moments where you think you made a choice, but when you decide to try the other alternative then you find out it wasn't actually possible to do that. The unlocked doors you can't trespass and the brick thrown by the character are examples of this.

However, I don't mean it's a bad game by any means - I enjoyed it and was really looking forward to what would happen next. In fact, I think the ending was well worth seeing. It's just that at times the game seemed to be testing my patience rather than actually trying to be fun.

I hope you find the comments constructive and hope to see more work come out from you! I'll certainly give it a try!

Sorry to hear that. It happened to me when I tested it on a Windows 10 computer and I had no idea what the problem was. Never happened on Windows 7 or other PCs I tried it on, though. Well, thanks for playing I guess (or at least trying to do so...)

Nice game. Liked the pseudo-3d effect. The encounter with the 'mountain climber' was sort of funny as well! It would be good perhaps to have some clues on the way as to where some of the ducks might be, though. Anyways, good job!

Well, I have to say this was way more enjoyable than I initially expected. I mean, it's really simple and short, but... I don't know, it's just nice. I didn't expect such an ending, so I kept thinking about what it was supposed to mean. I also have to say that the music is what hooked me throughout, until the end. It's the combination of minimalist graphics and the music that seem to do the trick. I think a slightly deeper story would make this even more special.

Great game! As simple as it is engaging. It's true it could use some curve warning markers or color-coded track curves. Congrats!

Very interesting graphics and fun gameplay. I particularly liked the parallaxing effect and the particle effects. The only thing I found strange was the fact that the helicopter always goes at the same speed, even if its moving sideways or backwards. However, the simple gameplay and interface, together with the nice graphics and retro feel make it a very pleasant game.

Definitely, a game worth playing!

A 2D fast-paced helicopter arcade simulation game where you fight against a terrorist organisation, undertaking critical missions to bring it down. This game features:

  • 17 missions of increasing difficulty
  • A varied arsenal, with a vulcan rapid-firing cannon, dumbfire rockets, guided hellfire bombs (using TADS system) and flares (to divert incoming enemy homing missiles). All weapons can be upgraded.
  • A wide range of mission objectives: destroy enemy armor, buildings, bridges, helicopters, rescue hostages, destroy escaping convoys and even prevent a nuclear catastrophe!
  • Rank-based system (if you do things right, you get points and can be promoted; if you mess up - e.g. destroy civilian targets - you lose points and may even be demoted!)
  • Ability to land back at base to refit your helicopter in the middle of a mission (resupplying costs points - if you're quick, accurate and agile, you'll save points which add to your rank-o-meter!)
  • Weapon and systems upgrades with each rank promotion.
  • 2 sets of unlockable content (beat game/reach highest rank to unlock each!)
  • Original graphics
You can find it here:

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A puzzle-action platformer in which the backstory unfolds as you progress through the game. It includes 28 levels, cutscenes, six different weapons, many different enemies and puzzles and original graphics. You will need both reflexes and wits to get through the different levels and eventually find an answer to the very first question that comes to your mind as you awake inside a robot body: Why?

You can find it here:

It was created using Mark Overmars' Game Maker in a period of over 4 years.

Looks awesome - must try it!