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Executable is infected by virus

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Woooo that was lots of fun! Controls are cool, wall jumping and rolling are satisfying, dodging the bullet barrages from the turrets by rolling while breezing through an area was one of the most fun parts for me. The 'elevator grips' were cool, hadn't seen them elsewhere before. The boss fight was not too hard but not too easy either, with different phases, attacks properly telegraphed, visual feedback for health was cool. Adding an additional frame for the MFC when  it's jumping around would make it 5 stars. Overall, great game, has a slight Jazz Jackrabbit feel to it (graphic style, fast movement). Looking forward to further updates!

OK, this was fun. Atmosphere is 100% of the game. If only the gameplay were a bit more involved, but otherwise it's really cool.

Woow this was great! Really original and fun. I thought I was kicking King Midas' butt when the tide suddenly turned and I lost in 2 turns. Very interesting game concept.

OK so that was great fun! Loved it.

Damn this looked really fun, but despite setting graphics to 'low' and the resolution low as well, it lagged tremendously on my PC, running at about 1 FPS. Time to get a new PC I guess...

Hey this game was pretty self-aware, and way more fun that it seemed to me at first. Quite original, reminded me of ZZT in how simple it was, but worth the try. Nice short experience!

I mean... if the purpose was to freak me out, well done! I liked the intro sounds tho, they're kind like ASMR.

So this was really immersive and interesting. I loved the trippy surrealist aesthetic, it even gave me some weirdcore vibes. Sometimes it's hard to tell what you're looking at, but it's like you get used to identifying things the more you play. I like the dream-like nature of it. For example I noticed that the door knob you find doesn't fit the handle that appears in the scenery upon using it, but then I thought "well, maybe that's intentional, it's just like something that could happen in a dream". I also liked the 'sanity' meter appearing in encounters with other creatures.

The narration is cool and the sound/music design gives a unique feel to the game.

For some reason I imagine this game having different outcomes depending on your decisions (like a multiple ending book).

Traversing back and forth can sometimes become a bit cumbersome since it often requires right clicking to get the "traverse" option. Maybe once the player has been through a given passage, the cursor could become the 'move forward' arrow to make backtracking smoother.

Something minor I would improve is the inventory selection; since items float around on top of each other, it's often hard to pick whatever you want and end up selecting something else. It would also be cool if the name of what you just selected appeared on top of the description (and maybe the selected item could glow or something).

I'm looking forward to seeing what's in store for the future of this project!

OK so this is really original! Loved it

Nice game! I like the fact that it's made of "modules" which assemble together in a random fashion depending on the seed. The control feels nice and is quite addictive too. 

I was wondering whether the jump key should be 'up' or maybe another key. Maybe in the keyboard is no big deal, but in the case the player's using a controller, binding the jump key to one of the action buttons might work better. In my case I love using the numeric keypad instead of the arrow keys for some strange reason, but it wasn't supported here.

I wonder whether it was intended, but the player loses air control upon hitting a wall or disengaging from a wall jump (i.e. sliding down the wall, once you're off it you won't be able to move either left or right mid-air, as would otherwise be possible for example after jumping off a ledge). This makes dealing with some sections trickier as you must carefully avoid hitting a wall if you don't want to fall straight down into the lava after that.

There's a pit I feel into that didn't kill me; the character went off-screen and I had to refresh the page to restart.

I didn't find any parts where the 'slide' mechanic (pressing 'down' before landing) was actually useful - I died most times I used it. It's a cool idea though; I was thinking there could be low corridors that require rolling to get through. Maybe this rolling could also be activated from a standstill by pressing the right keys.

I was thinking there could be alternate kinds of jump, just like in the game 'Hurdler' by KNPMASTER and MasterRaichu - long jump, short jump, and so on (maybe with different jump keys assigned?)

Overall, awesome game with great potential! Will make sure to keep tabs on this one.

I like the overall feel of this game and the UI. The pixel-by-pixel movement of the ships between cells is a nice touch as well.Looks like it was fun to make. It's not hard to imagine a fully-fledged game coming from expanding on this base daleks-like mechanic.

OK, that was... different, and fun!

Woah that was a fun ride! Reminded me somewhat of the Catacomb Abyss series. Despite the graphic limitations of the premise I never got lost, so I guess that talks about good level design. I liked that there are no hitscan enemies, and the guns are fun to use (although the sound for the gatling gun is a tad underwhelming). I'm amazed you could do this in just 7 days! Great work.

Awesome shmup! Art, music and sound all merge together in a kinda unique feel. Letting go off the fire button and seeing a swarm of coins rush towards you feels quite satisfying. Never felt I died cheaply, which means good design. Variety of weapons, in-game pickup choices, and then the shop to top it all off. I found the game a bit unforgiving at first (and especially stingy with health) but quickly got used to it, feels like a fair challenge over all.

OK, I had used it but then forgot about it. I tried fighting the boss with the dodge move and now it seems possible. I haven't been able to beat the boss yet but I noticed that while dodging you can't get hit, which changes the whole thing.

The dodge function is cool, and the mines too. What this game really needs is some power ups (especially health!) 

Wooo really cool! Got to level 13 but had to leave :( Hope I can come back later to beat it! Great puzzle game. I like the way it gradually teaches the player new mechanics, increasing the depth of the game. The learning curve is pretty well implemented.

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Cool start. Looking forward to further advances!

OK, simple as it is, this feels pretty good - the weapons, the flying enemies, the sounds... would be cool to see an expanded version!

Pretty nice. The only thing I didn't like was that most of the boss' attacks were impossible to dodge. Other than that, it gets the job done. Would be cool to see some expansion on this.

Sé muy poco de refrigeración, pero me encantó el simulador. Evidentemente como herramienta didáctica está buenísimo. Si entendiese más del tema seguiría intentando, es muy intuitivo y entretenido. La parte gráfica es excelente también.

Buen trabajo! Estaría bueno ampliar el juego con más contenido.

AWESOME! The gameplay, aesthetics, music, just everything is made of win.  The driving, the shooting, the cars getting damage, the particle effects... Looking forward for later releases; would definitely plop down some cash for the full game.

Cool game! Some suggestions:

* Adding more powerups

* The green-charge-up energy ball for the interceptor could be activated with another key (e.g. right mouse button) instead of it interrupting the main gun. It could even keep draining energy as it gets stronger, inflicting more damage.

* There could be a selectable upgrade every X number of points (stronger weapon, more shield capacity, faster energy recharge, etc)

* A wider screen (and maybe taller) would make for more strategic maneuvering. This could be further enhanced by adding things like cargo ships (don't attack, they only drop pickups) or obstacles (e.g. asteroids).

* Adding a pause button

The graphics, sound and music are cool. I like the bomb effect and the lasers as well. Nice work overall, but could improve a lot!

A great start! Both in terms of aesthetics and gameplay. So much potential, I hope you make a fully-fleged game out of this! I imagine being able to upgrade planet base, create planet defenses, ship specials and more. I still couldn't wrap my head around the fact that only one ship (or unit) is allowed to attack a planet at a given time. Why wouldn't it be possible to surround a planet and perform multiple attacks? Would also make defending a planet more interesting, I believe. Anyways, an awesome start!

Really original and fun game! I've died three times already, but I'll beat it eventually! A lot of potential that could be further expanded upon. Great suff.

Whoa cool game! Nice graphics and quite tense. I lost once. Pretty short, could use some additional stuff. Also, I wasn't sure about the pickable items on the shelf, and it would have been good if it was possible to leave them back on the shelf. Nice game overall.

Absolutely awesome, I really wanted to continue playing! I loved the animation, the graphics, the general aesthetics, the sountrack, the... everything! I really hope you consider continuing this project. I would consider plopping down some cash to see the full version.

Cool stuff!

Oh I remember seeing this on Yoyogames and being awesome! Are you the same creators! I'll give it a try.

Original idea! Seems like a nice experiment for what could be a fully fledged game. 

The only issue is that I didn't really get the logic of the rating; sometimes screens with little to nothing going on would get a high rating (although this would be understandable in some cases, as in displaying the word just before an answer is confirmed by the host). 

It might be a good idea to set different criteria for rating increasing and let it know to the player beforehand (e.g. faces expressing emotions, screens showing new information...) so that the player would have to decide which to prioritize on the spot, but knowing what makes the rating go up.

It's like a 'hit the mole' game but with a twist; I like it!


Is it possible to have access to the game's music? Thanks

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When I first saw the screenshots, I thought 'this has to be good'. And I wasn't wrong.

Anyone looking for a completely unique and memorable platforming experience should give this game a shot. 

This lighthearted game oozes charm and humour both through its original, wacky dialogue and appealing, cartoony and colourful graphics. The amount of detail is impressive - dwelling in an outlandish, cyberpunk-esque space station, I would come across countless events and game elements that never failed to bring a smile to my face - from neon billboards, grafittis all over the place, flying cars, background buildings, signs, interactive vending machines, alien and human NPCs, and much more.  It was hard for my eyes to take it all in!

The game boasts a welcome dose of humour, as present in the dialogue, cutscenes, monitors with amusing advertisements or in details such as roaming rats wearing space helmets or band-aids on broken shafts, just to name a few elements. I found myself chuckling from the very beginning of the game and really immersed in its gripping atmosphere, at the point I didn't really mind completing a level, but I rather enjoyed BEING IN the level, exploring and admiring the character's surroundings, always discovering something new - so much so I actually died a couple times because I didn't keep an eye on the oxygen level! 

And yes, this game also keeps you on your toes; while you're soaking up the lively mood of the game and its zany humour, you have to keep moving to do your job: deliver pizzas - as required by your boss -, as well as the occasional side-quest. The resource management element is a nice gameplay component, incorporating time and money into the mix. All this accompanied by a groovy, upbeat tune which only adds to the excitement.

Classifying this game as a mere platformer would be a discredit - it's a wholesome gaming experience you'd be remiss to look past!

Really hilarious, had a good time with this one. Pretty original indeed!

Wow, if I ever saw this as a feature in a video game that would be awesome!

Absolutely awesome game! I loved the original, and I love this one 10 times as much. More graphics, more sounds, more enemies, more weapons, more options, more... everything! The best that CDogs could've ever been, is this.

The only aspect I'd rather be different is the fact that enemies suddenly disappear when killed, whereas in the original they would turn to ashes (i.e. a generic, simple death sprite). Having said that, the blood effects are top notch, as well as the other effects (smoke, explosions...).

There are details such as the bullet cases, smoking guns, explosion debris, the walking sprites, character customization, and revamped HUD that add a new layer of eye candy which is much welcome, while steel retaining the feel of the original game. And the homage to Doom blew me away!

All in all, hats off to a great homage to an all-time classic!