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So close yet... 


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Great Game! I like how the interactions play out! Still trying to figure out how to get by safe from that obnoxious gym bro -.- (Are they intentionally that difficult-)

I love the drone physics in this game

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I wish there was an undo button... (The birds took several attempts-)

This game is really nice, I just wish i could do more without clearing to get what I needed.

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Hey guys, Unfair - Zero Ban is possible!Lemme know if u guys wanna guide, it's not too difficult, just alot of spamming. But honestly i encourage you guys to find other strategies that work too :D

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funny thing is that it's easier to do this without banning anyone, or streaming 🤣

kicking at the top left angle doesn't work :<

Managed to finally beat the king with poison ^^;

I really like the style & feel of the game ^^

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This was really fun! I really like the concept of creating webs in a game :). I just wish you would make a way for the spider lady to get out of her webs. She tends to get stuck on a them whenever they surround her and she also kind of phases through a wall because of them. I had to spam the spacebar and wait for her to escape just to get out of those situations ^^;. 

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Nice game :D I really like the unique mechanics. Although I wish that the restart option was the R button, it would make things less time consuming

Fun game :)

Nice and simple management game! The art style makes me feel nostalgic of DeviantArt games ^^

Nice game! :D

I like the gameplay, reminds me of Game and Watch ^-^. I also like the music very much, is it inspired by something? It honestly sounds familiar to me 🤔

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Good game! I had a hard time distinguishing the lemons and eggs though, especially when it's behind the bowl ^^;



Nice game, reminds me of the mini-game in Purble Place :D

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the ball is stuck...

I made another one, but it's Strawberry cookie :D

Oh uh btw, I've encountered a visual bug whenever I go Full Screen. Hope this gets resolved :D

Hahah, he looks like he's about to warp out of reality '-'

This!... Is type of game I was looking for a while now! I really appreciate the effort put into this because nowadays, it's really difficult to find games like this (Especially in Google Play -.-). It really reminds me of some cookie making flash games back in the day... I give thanks by showing my (uh... above average ^^;) effort in making a cookie. And I think he (mostly) fits nicely in the game because the colors are almost exact (which honestly surprised me tbh 0o0!).

I give you...

GingerBrave, from Cookie Run :D

Took a while but...