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this is really cool unfortunately it's all in japanese so I've been getting stuck at some levels just because i have no idea what i'm supposed to do. but there is some english telling you what keys so that good. and the art and attack combos/animations  are soo beautiful and clean! really good job so far & great level design, 8/10!

It was really good, I wish there was a skip option for dialogue, or at least a skip so it finishes the sentence instantly. Also, the levels are sooo long, which can be fun but if you mess up and die you have to restart like 3 minutes of work it can be really unfun to play because of that. Also the game didn't tell me how to deal with the keys with the long blocks on top ( i think it means use up and to the right/left keys) so i have to move slots and jump at the same time. maybe there could be like a mini tutorial at the beginning about that.  Also the health system was extremely confusing, at the beginning i thought oh they made it very generous because it's sorta like a demo version. but later on it was like 3 lives, but if you beat a section of the battle you heal 1, but obviously if you used all 3 lives at once you'd have to restart, but sometimes, i swear i got hit & it made the sound but the bar wouldn't go down. and I was just in a battle where I would lose all 3 lives but the battle would continue on and refill my bar to full? So I'm very confused as to how that all works. But overall the game is great, the art, sound effects, dialogue, etc is perfect! and the music in the battles is soooo gooddd, overall 7/10! and this is just the short version so it could definitely become a 9 or a 10/10 in the future with some minor changes & polishing. keep up the good work! :)

This game is an 8/10! I wish there was a more clear goal in the beginning on what we we're fighting for but I understand that this is just a demo and there is tons more to come. But why it's not a 10/10 or a 9/10 is because the CONTROLS. my fingers are in pain sir,  why? wasd or arrows keys, ok fine fine, up arrow key doesn't let you jump but w & space does, ok whatever... G for attack, wait, "G" FOR ATTACK!? why just no... and to make it worse J is for dash. AND YOU CAN'T DOUBLE JUMP, you have to jump off another block to jump twice. I swear I spent a good 2 minutes just trying to get into one of the nooks to get a chest but eventually I just gave up. anyways, K stomp, L swirl attack?,  & H unknown because I didn't get far enough. Why GHJKL? and why not 12345? no? Okay stick with GHJKL but atleast make the attack , swirl & dash all next to each other because they're the most used. I did see though that this game works better for controller but that doesn't mean you can't make decent controls for pc. I really think that's the only real flaw besides the obvious like no story blah blah blah but it's the demo I get it. Just fix the controls and you're golden. Everything else is so clean & the power ups are cool as well! No like heal kits that I've seen so far ( I only played about 15 minutes though so), that would help make the game just a bit easier so we can progress farther. one last thing idk if it's a joke or something but after I die it says "PRESS ANY KEY TO RETART" idk maybe i'm reading it wrong but i swearrr it says that. good game overall though good job! :)

Been trying to upload my first unity game, The tutorials said to change it to .zip so I did with WinRar, and made sure it said .zip at the end. But it still doesn't work. just keeps saying: " 

There was a problem showing your project

You've configured this page to show a unity game but you haven't uploaded the appropriate file!

Upload a file or change the type of this page on the edit game page. " 

Can someone please help me xd