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Very impressive for a game done in 12 days! The art is spot on with the MGS1 Aesthetic. Love the animals especially how Koss's tail moves around while he runs. The music also fit well into the universe. 

Some feedback:

I didn't see a reason to walk anywhere. Crouching was used to sneak and run for everything else.

It was really easy to cheese the ai. I could run up to them and just run in a circle dodging their bullets and they would stand there confused. 

I didn't really use the drone - it felt easier and faster to run in through areas and just react to enemies as they saw me. 

I felt like because of how short the enemies were knocked out - I had to move very quickly through the area (which may or may not be intended).

With the enemies doing so little damage - it felt easier to run through areas and take damage instead of placing traps.

The camo ability is very strong. Often I could just hide against a wall right as an enemy walked by. They were even pushing me but didn't detect me. 

Overall great submission to the game jam. I look forward to your other creations.

Good concept. Fits the theme properly nicely. I found the second level to be the hardest. I had some trouble with movement like accidently running the blue guy into the thorns. Wish there was a way to see where they would move. Like if you hold ctrl and move, the character could spin in place so you know where the blue guy will move. I think the portals could give more time between teleporting. I think if you were locked to the grid for movement it would make it easier for the player but adding the slow movement was a good idea too.

Overall good game for something made in 48 hours. Good Job!

I enjoyed the concept and the graphics were really polished! Hard to believe this was made during such a short time!

I really feel the music with this game! Would love to see more levels.

One bug: If you fall off screen then you are kinda trapped since there's no way back.

Oh god going backwards is so hard. Especially the last (first?) room.

Great concept actually. I had to do some thinking for some of these levels.