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A really intruiguing starting point/theme with some fantastic prompts ranging from melancholic to outright funny. I hope to see plenty of expansions and prompts to come because I really enjoyed playing this and feel like there's still plenty of potential to explore!

Of course, my apologies for not thinking of that! I've just gone and uploaded a ZIP file, let me know if it works!

Thank you for backing! Can't wait to get it to you in print!

Thank you for the kind words!

I love this hack, and the name you gave it is the cherry on top! Good work adding the physical features section, it's now a really streamlined worldbuilding tool.

Hey! Absolutely, I'll write to you soon!

Thank you for the tip, I'll add that right now!

Thank you so much for the kind words! It really brings a smile to my face and the fact you're enjoying it so much encourages me to keep making games, so I really appreciate it!

Thank you so much John! Loved the interview too, you're doing some great work!

Nono, anzi, grazie per avermelo detto! Questa volta non è stato un errore, ma la prossima...

Ciao! Grazie che me lo hai segnalato - è di proposito per dare un attimo di "esclusiva" ai backer di KickStarter, che dovrebbero ricevere il download link a breve (appena itch mi approva l'invio).

Thank you! The very first idea for this actually DID use Tarot cards, but I switched to a normal 52-card deck because I figured more people have those readily available. The Tarot-deck design space is huge and underexplored though!

Thank you for the wonderful comment, I hope you enjoy playing it!