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Every level is solvable without random guessing. Players are meant to use the hint numbers in the columns and rows to help them figure out which panels has bombs or gems. Hope that clears that out!


Levels have a unique layout every playthrough. thanks for playing!

Several years ago, IP Teaches Typing absolutely floored me with its hilarious script, catchy piano-toy music, amazing presentation and basically everything else. I couldn't believe my eyes, that a game this fun and polished could be done in something like Flash. I am glad to finally pay back the guys who delighted me with this game many years ago. This gem deserves more! Hope I see more stuff from Holy Wow!

PS: the game seems to work fine on Linux by using Wine!

Thank you for your feedback! Can you elaborate on what you mean by "using a hit while in a puzzle"?

Hello Leaf, I would like to submit my game "Tap Strike Boom!" to the bundle.
Hope every is OK with my submission. All the best, Alberto