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So... I installed the desktop app on a different computer and now it works. I don't know anything anymore ^^

Is there any way to just have the files I want to transfer processed so that I could simply put them on the Quest 2 myself using the windows explorer? I mean, not really ideal, but if it works... ^^

Hi, yes, I have, all the time I've been trying has been with the USB cable connected to the computer :(. I also made sure that the firewall was open for the app and everything else. I really don't know what else could I do, or if I'm missing something very obvious.

Hiya all

I bought Supermedium yesterday after testing the demo (it looks incredible, guys, and learning that it supports pdf files was an unexpected bonus). So far, so good... except that I don't seem to be able to transfer files from the desktop app to the Quest 2. I have access to a Quest 1 too, and there it just works, so... would it need an update or something of the sort?

Thanks in advance :)