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Thats because i needed to enable an experimental feature at ("SharedArrayBuffer support — (Experimental) This may break parts of the page or your project. Only enable if you know you need it"). I don't know why Godot 4 need this feature. I have the same problem if i try to play using my phone web browser. Anyway, it's not a game bug that i can solve. Sorry.

I uploaded a new version with a lower hardware requirements. I hope this solve your problem. Anyway, i'm not using the app, in google chrome at least works perfectly.

mmmm... I tested on Ubuntu and Windows, and in other laptops. Maybe the hardware requirements aren't compatible with your computer. I'll setup a lower requirements, because i'm using Godot 4 with Vulkan.

Thanks for your reply. In that case, i won't buy this pack. I bought the Retro pack a month ago, and that was i notice the pack doesn't have a VAT included. I think next year i will have a little problem... I'm going to see how to solve. Anyway, nice asset pack ;)

Hi! Just a few questions... if i try to buy, i didn't see the VAT (it's mandatory at least in Spain). Is it included? (other resources i bought, i saw the VAT applied in the final price) Another question: Have you any audio with human hurt and human eating food? I'm making a survival RPG with farming, building, ... and i'm looking for this sounds.
Thanks and nice work!

Thanks! I really appreciate your comment. :D

Thanks for this asset! I used to make my last mini game. You can see here:

Of course you appear in the game credits!


Thanks for these free sounds! I used the 16_bit_space for my last mini game.  I credit you in the game. You can see here: 


I made a tiny endless game, you can find here at I hope you like it!

Of course i will use the other songs in other games hehehe

Very cute songs! i really like it. I bought it and i will use in my nexts games

Thanks! :)

I mean a pack with only the characters and their animations you already done. With Frankestein, Witch, Skeleton, and so on... Other artist sell their characters appart of their tilesets, just for the case that someone want only the characters. I'm specially interested in the Frankestein, because it looks like a zombie, and in my survival game i need more monsters like witches, zombies... No problem if not, in that case i will buy the autumn pack :) it's only a suggestion

nice asset pack! have you any plan to do a asset pack only with characters? i'm interested, because they looks like the sunnyside characters assets, that i'm using in my project.

Thanks for your answer! Well, finally i bought the bundle to support your projects and i hope this can help you to still improving your work. Have a great day!

I'm interested in this font, but i see that it doesn't support Ñ or ñ, any plans to update this font to support these characters? Anyway, nice font!

One question... Will you upload the chicken animations? is very cute!

very nice update! i really love this asset pack. Thanks!

 Thanks for share this font! (^^,)

I used to make an easy game

Hi! Finally i used this asset to make an easy game, just to restyle and old game that i made long time ago. Thanks to allow me to use this awesome asset pack :)

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Nice pack! One question... i downloaded this pack this monday, when it was free. Can i still use it in personal or commercial games?

nice! hahaha good job! ;)

Thanks for your answer ^_^ finally i bought the bundle to support your project, and i will wait if you do this in the future. I'm doing a survival RPG in my spare time (farming, explore, fishing, ...) and i will need more monsters. Anyway, nice asset pack (^^,)

Hi, nice work! The enemies have an attack?

Really nice pack! I purchased the premium pack, to use this images in my next game. Thanks!

Nice music pack! i'm creating a farming / survivaling game and i think that the music smalltown can fit perfectly in this game. I will take that in consideration in the final touches if i use it. Thanks and good job!

Hi, just one question. If i buy the premium pack, is it optional to credit you? or is it mandatory? anyway, nice asset pack!


Hey! if you wish you can find the game here: i hope you like it! at this moment, it's only for Windows, maybe in the future i will export to linux.

Nice! i'm using this package to make a simple memory card game, it's almost finished, and i will publish comming soon at as free.