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so im having a bit of a problem here. when i got to export the game i click yes to the boxes. and then in the console window, it just says that there where a bunch of error and i cant export it into a bin file there either. so i cant play it in fuse..

ps: i followed the tutorial btw...

what program did you use

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thanks for the help

cool game nice and ambience. how do you get a custom run message

im having a problem with the exits effects. they show on on the 2d monitor. but not on the 3d version.

i thought so! it look amazing

what program did u make this in

what program did you use

would it be possible to make a borksy type program but for filters for bitsy. i feel ike that would do well, or maybe its just me.

How did you get the game to look like that, kinda like a computer screen?. Anyways I was really interested in how you did so because I am currently building a computer type game myself in bitsy and would love to use this filter

and when i start the game it is just a blue screen i even tried to make a new game and everything

the dungeon crawler camera, has a bit weird, and i dont know what but something in the engine inverted the controls of the player, but overall its really good, keep it up

and also what are the groove buttons for?

what about copyright, or is it under the mit license

I thought now that quarintine is a thing, I would make a game and I did. So enjoy.

wow. what an amazing game, from the design to story. everything was so beautiful. i absolutely loved it. keep up the good work.

is the program copyright free, or do we have to credit you 

it just gives me the network error message even if  i try to download the test project in incognito

What engine did you use

Môsi community · Created a new topic Free use

are there copyrighted stuff on this, or is anything we make ours and free to use

i am confused about the exit system, can i only have one exit per room.

i confused on how to open it