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honestly it was so frustrating seeing the time go down but not being able to move, but in the good way LOL all the text was so funny!! Good job!!!

i have the same problem :(

Damn I tried many times but my best score is to be at 12 km close to the boat, trying to get food but I always lose because one of the 2 gets too bad mental health ;_; is the 3 chocolate the only way to improve it? Resting doesn't seem to help it up. I like the game and the music and the mood and makes me want to continue trying until I can reach the end!

I suck and I can't enter but the hands are really cool looking!! 

I'm really bad at games and I cant finish it but!!!! i really like the art style of it!!! the cat is super cute when it double jumps and does the >w< face. and the colors and the world with the floating rocks with stars/flowers is so nice! with the purple and the sky.... i really like it!!!

Yes, I imagine!! I know jams have really little time, but i don't know if you guys are allowed to fix things later or then it doesnt count for the jam anymore :0 but anyway is totally understandable!! <3 

This is adorable its so squishy ;x; our friend double jumps and pick flowers and falls and its adorable.... 

Oh, also in the collection part, the 3 dollar one should be "get out of rehab" and the 2 dollar one the drug one, but both appear as the "get out of rehab" item!!

The music is really relaxing and the art is just so wholesome!! I love the drawings and the little stories that they tell :D I got all of them except one!

Its really cool! I got stuck on the "rock and rule" part but I really enjoyed the first part of the game!!

I got stuck on this level ;o; the slime couldnt move and i can heard the sound of when the laser attack you but not the animation!! the bar loads tho >.<

It's really cool!!! I hope the slime can escape ;_; I reached some levels but i couldn't go to the end, I wanted to pause with the ESC key but it got a blue screen and froze oops. I'll see if i can finish the game but im a bit bad at it!! But its so cool!!!

this looks really cute ;x;