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I love the clowns im so sad I had to hurt them to get out ToT maybe there was another way and i just missed it. Anyways very cool game and very cool designs

The animation is just SO GOOD i love how everything moves. Very nice. I would be happy to have such a cool lady living next door tho 

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Im see you in 42 years!!! This was amazing. Very creepy and scary, I highly enjoyed it on the horror way. Love all the lil details of the changing posters and questions, and the creepy noises and we you couldn't choose or they tell you WRONG if you say you will live more than 60 years. Very cool stuff. The results took a long time for me to load but everything else is perfect

buena cosa miryam muy buen zine

This is a really cool game! I love the art and the Strawberry Witch is so cute! I got 3 endings (the good one, the loop and the wicked witch) I had a great time playing it :) 

The ending was really cute :) 

I played the game long ago, but it's just so good I keep thinking back about all the things. The effect of tireness for the loops, the hope, the endings, the characters, the dialogue... it's all explendid. The fight system of rock/paper/scissors is really fun for going to "the basics" people try to branch with elements or whatever but in the end is just rock/paper/scissors lol 

I just want the poor Sif to be happy ;_; i wonder how you will make the continuation because it is really a challenge to do a game based on loops that is not tiring for the player. This one perfectly does it imo, making you feel the tireness of the main chara but while you are not tired for playing it. So anyway well done and thank you for doing such a fantastic game! 

Good game, very cute! Very funny conversations A+

It's so cool people would be able to play it on other plataforms :D

Yeah don't worry, I just assumed I had to warn about it! It's also easy to keep playing the game, I just had to get the key before Mia died, and then let her die ;x; 

I finished it and I REALLY LIKED IT!! 

 Hi! I almost cleared the game I think, but this error happends when i try to get the key in Mia's route (with her dead) after I have gotten most ends 

The game is SUPER COOL  

I got super interested in this for the art and now that i read it omg ITS ADORABLE!!! the story warms my heart i love arlette and oaxa

Yes! I found a vid on youtube! Thanks a lot! I'll check it out ^_^

It's super cute 

I got this in the bundle because it looked so damn good and omg, it looks super good! Tragically im terrible at reading rule books, but the art and what I saw it's fucking fantastic! I wanted a magical girl rp game for so long!! ;_; I would love to watch a campain on youtube or listen to a podcast about this. The edition its also super cool

This was a really cute game! And I love the aesthetic of technologic blue/pink and black. It's very pleasing and nice :D and the story is good too!! Good game

Son super monos!! En el blog en la parte de pjs estan los dibujos y diseños originales y otros pjs ;x; 

Aroa un dia tenemos que fangirlear de dear dustin porque es maravilloso!! 

Xo deserves EVERYTHING !! Y me alegro que te guste ;; i love my boy atlas

wow this was so... suffocating so fast and done so well! I'm impressed!! Also the little details of the room getting closer of far away, when the MC got actualt compliments she felt better, is such a easy to understand and clear way to express it!! Congrats on the idea and the execution!  

Also it makes me want to help my mom more too, so good impact ;_;

honestly it was so frustrating seeing the time go down but not being able to move, but in the good way LOL all the text was so funny!! Good job!!!

i have the same problem :(

Damn I tried many times but my best score is to be at 12 km close to the boat, trying to get food but I always lose because one of the 2 gets too bad mental health ;_; is the 3 chocolate the only way to improve it? Resting doesn't seem to help it up. I like the game and the music and the mood and makes me want to continue trying until I can reach the end!

I suck and I can't enter but the hands are really cool looking!! 

I'm really bad at games and I cant finish it but!!!! i really like the art style of it!!! the cat is super cute when it double jumps and does the >w< face. and the colors and the world with the floating rocks with stars/flowers is so nice! with the purple and the sky.... i really like it!!!

Yes, I imagine!! I know jams have really little time, but i don't know if you guys are allowed to fix things later or then it doesnt count for the jam anymore :0 but anyway is totally understandable!! <3 

This is adorable its so squishy ;x; our friend double jumps and pick flowers and falls and its adorable.... 

Oh, also in the collection part, the 3 dollar one should be "get out of rehab" and the 2 dollar one the drug one, but both appear as the "get out of rehab" item!!

The music is really relaxing and the art is just so wholesome!! I love the drawings and the little stories that they tell :D I got all of them except one!

Its really cool! I got stuck on the "rock and rule" part but I really enjoyed the first part of the game!!

I got stuck on this level ;o; the slime couldnt move and i can heard the sound of when the laser attack you but not the animation!! the bar loads tho >.<

It's really cool!!! I hope the slime can escape ;_; I reached some levels but i couldn't go to the end, I wanted to pause with the ESC key but it got a blue screen and froze oops. I'll see if i can finish the game but im a bit bad at it!! But its so cool!!!

this looks really cute ;x;