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Woah, very professional and aesthetic game! For Unity builds, to reduce the file size, don't forget to delete the $binary__BackUpThisFolder_ButDontShipItWithYourGame and $binary__BurstDebugInformation_DoNotShip.

A nice, quick short game. Cool

Makes sense to  not have a Discord in some cases, as owning/maintaining too many things can be quite overwhelming/burnout. 

It won't be Angela's Discord server. It will be OUR Discord server.

Nice game Angela. Glad to see you are exporting to multiple platforms now.

You should make a Discord server ;) And put a few trusted mods there. But maybe it's not your thing to make a Discord server, and you could delete it later if you find that you don't like having a Discord server. It's a great way to get instant feedback for your games and hold polls.

- Alan D

Nice :)

Thanks anonymous sans.

Should be fixed now I hope :)

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Hold space (or W) longer to jump higher :).

I think it was broken earlier, hope it is fixed now.



thanks Maaya The Person

thanks taterman123




Haha yeah a lot of players tell me the same thing. Dw bro, practice makes perfect ;) It's my first platformer so I didn't design the levels that well but the challenging levels are bittersweet. Have taken this feedback for future games I may develop ;)

There there, *pats your back for comfort*. Here's a tissue.

It's okay Hongjiang senpai.

"Don't give up!" - Naruto

Try updating your browser to the latest version of Chrome.

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Angela, this is amazing. Your games are getting better and better. I could really "absorb" myself into the game's world and feel the emotions, as if I'm actually there, the art, colours and the "dream" you put caught me by surprised when resetting/starting the game for the 2nd time. The "pastel" sound effect for the dialogue, and I liked the "chilling" part ("chilling" under the sun or sky as time passes), the little details, like the tea. The art is really well done, and I really do see big improvements in the aesthetics.

Keep it up, I know you'll get millions of downloads if you release a 3-hour game on Steam in the future as well (if you do). A true inspiration to players and game developers.

Thanks bro.

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I got a similar error, but changed "" to ".com" and it worked. Although, the error message should be "use an" URL instead of "use a Google Play" one.

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Please try the game on the App Store (iOS). Currently the Google Play link is down and we've been trying to work with the Google Play team to bring it back up and are awaiting their response.

We will let you know when the Android app is back up. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Great graphics, love the astral theme!