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Alan Dalcastagne

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Hello Everyone!

I'm releasing today a project that i'm working more than a month, it's a pack of sound effects and music for horror games, i put alot of effort to create this one and i'm really happy to share it here, if you wanna more information, here's the link:
Horror Bundle - Sound Effects by Alan Dalcastagne (

And here's the trailer for the pack

Hello Divirad! Absolutely, go ahead :) 

Nice! Yeah sure, here's the link: Home (

Hello! I just played the game it looks great, the snake animation was one of the bests for me haha, i'll try to finish it later, can i use your game in my personal website on my portfolio page?

I'm glad you like it! :D

Thank you so much for the feedback! :D

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I decide to make a huge sale this last week of february, all my audio packs are for 10$USD, you can have them on this link

You can use this sounds on your commercial/non-commercial game

Thank you so Much! 

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You're a great artist! Congratz! I Do sounds, if you need for your game i would be interested in work with you, here's my youtube channel
Alan Dalcastagne - YouTube Discord: Alan D#8521

Hi Francesco! The twitter link is broken i think, it send me to the home page. 

Are you a pixel artist/programmer? I'm just asking because the work on the pixel art is marvelous, great work so far.

So sorry!
I just fix all the links for you :)

Really good job!

Hi There!

I just played your game, it's really fun, i'm always looking for some cooperative games (local) because most of them are online now, and this bring back the old days. 

I choose the "Ramone" because it looks like a rabbit and i really like rabbits hehe

Congratulations for the job!

When i played it was without any sound effect, i could try help you with that if you want, you can check my profile for my sounds libraries, or i can make some specific for you, if you're interested of course. 

I just follow you here on 

Best Regards!

My name's Alan, i'm a sound designer looking for some projects. 

When i start on this path i realize that there's a really good number of developers that could not afford hire a sound designer at the moment, and thinking about that i've create a more than  20 packs of high quality audio to help that you can check at my profile.

Since now, almost a year later the packs are doing fine, i'll start trying to find some projects to work as a freelancer :D

I'll leave my music reel in here.
Thanks! Please, reach out just to chat if you want, i just love to meet new people in this community.

Best Regards!
Alan Dalcastagne - Sound Designer

I Just played your game and it looks great! Thanks for using my asset, i just did on update on it with +5 songs totally for free, if you wanna check and use on your games you're totally welcome! 

Absolutely! Go ahead! :)
And please, send me your Visual Novel when it's done i would love to see

This is my Synthwave Music And SFX pack!

20 songs and 27 sfx!

On that video you can see a preview of 30 seconds on each song, hope you like it!

If you want to support me here's the link:
Ultimate Synthwave Music and SFX by Alan Dalcastagne (


Hi! I Made a music pack for adventure and RPG games 

And it's free this week, i just ask for a review/feedback :) So that way i can promote it sometime, will you help me? Thanks!

It'll fit several diferent parts of a game, it has music for adventure, battle, sad, electronic, melancolic, and others :)

Thank you so much! That means alot, do you mind as use your review on a custom landing page for my website?

This is a pack for Adventure and RPG music made with allot of effort for the devs out there, i would love if you could make me a review of it. The link is here:

Please, take a look :)

Hi there! i just rebuild this pack a little bit, it's for adventure and RPG games!

It'll fit several diferent parts of a game, it has music for adventure, battle, sad, electronic, melancolic, and others :)

I Made this thinking on fill the whole game

 I really woud like to know your opinion about :)

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This pack was made thinking about indie games like Sparklite, Fae Tactics, Pathway, Rakuen, UnderMine, Moonlighter, CrossCode, Hyper Light Drifter Forager and others.

Of these 61 sounds, 20 are the main ones, 16 are fanfares, 10 are metal, for boss battle, 10 are strategy, and 5 are electronic / synthwave

Ok, thanks for the feedback!

Check it in here :

Hey Developer!
The main elements in this pack are bass, drums and guitar, with touches of orchestra during the music.
These sounds will fit perfectly as background music during a battle,  a stage or even a scene.

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Check it in here:

The songs are composed by incredible guitar lines, with drums / bass and a little choral voice to intensify the tension.

The best way to highlight your game on the market is in the little things, invest in a personalized soundtrack and ensure differentiation :)