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Akshay Pose

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Thanks for the feedback. :)

Great Game and Idea. Make a full version with randomly generated faces and a high score system. That would be nicee. 

Thank you for the feedbaack. :)

Yes. Maybe a camera shake. I'll keep that in mind for the next jam. Thanks for Playing.

Nice Game just needs some music.

Nice music and art. Just jumping felt like the character was too heavy.

Thanks for the feedback. 

Dude! make this into a full game. Wish there were more levels.

Did you make the music? i absolutely loved it. Perfectly goes with the environment.

Also considering this is your first game it's pretty nice. All the best.

Nice Concept of masking the enemies. but as there was two doors the chances are 50% of getting the correct door regardless of the player taking the glasses or not. Maybe add a timer or something to rush the player or teachers catching the player if he went on that platform idk. 

I've made a game for this jam with similar masking concept but mine is a top down shooter.

Nice Visuals. 

The time before enemy death should've been increased after each wave because now there is no difference in wave 1 and wave 5. I could just stand in one corner and spawn the enemies at the other corner to win. 

Really liked the idea. Mouse button go brrrrrrr.

Maybe this will be just me but i felt like the bullets should've bounced off instead of passing through the enemy. Also,good background music choice it just kept me focused in the game.

Thank you for the feedback.

Yes. Should've play tested it more to notice the camera movement issue.

Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks for the feedback.

Will try to make a bigger game in the next jam. 

Music 5/5.

I like the fact that when you lose you have to watch the character collect all the coins. Its annoying but in a good way i guess.Makes you wanna try harder the next time.

 Just Couldn't get the skeletons to attack properly. 

Liked the puzzles. Just feel like the camera should move according to the light source and not the character so that the player has more time rather than just wait for the character to catch up and then just rush stuff.

I flipped my car and there's no way to turn it back.

Sounds : 10/10 . 

I like the idea behind the game. i just couldn't get past i guess it was level 3 even if there are steps remaining. You should add a hint button which makes the right move when activated and add a limitation to it like user can only take 1 hint in one game. idk.