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It still exists, just elsewhere :) Google!

You're in luck, I'm already working on a CPU for versus :) More skins will be added for sure too

That might be the case haha.  Also thank you for your continued support! They haven't tried to take down anything else since then thankfully.  As with the DMCA, I'll post about news like this in the Discord server so make sure to check in from time to time!

No! Emulation in general is legal (though arguable), obtaining ROMs is the iffy part. Apotris is free though!

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Thank you! It was my first full game, and looking back I can more clearly see its issues. I might improve it or make a sequel at some point.

The game is back in stock, but you might have to hurry! Got a DMCA takedown on the github repository of the game, so there might be more restocks if TTC goes full force.

You missed the 2022/12/6 restock! Unfortunately there seems to be a shortage for cartridge parts at the moment. There will be more stock at some point but I don't have a time frame to give you sadly. Make sure to turn on email notifications on insideGadgets by giving them your email in the out of stock page!

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Thank you, love to hear that you like the game so much! As for your suggestion, try inputting the konami code (with start at the end) in the title screen for a surprise ;) . I haven't considered lower height field yet, but I'll test it and see how it feels as a mode (or ruleset perhaps)!

Glad it works! Yeah haha it's certainly a gimmick.

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Hmm I don't know how comfortable you are with things like this, but this should be the easiest way to do this. Using a hex editor, copy the first 192 bytes from a rom that supports rumble (Drill Dozer probably) onto the first 192 bytes of the Apotris rom. This should be the area you're replacing (up to and including the B0 row):

Though I'm pretty sure this would work, I can't test it myself so I can't be certain.

As for the cartridge, insideGadgets will definitely have more stock some time in the future! Seems like there's a part shortage unfortunately. You can also give your email to the store to be notified when more stock is available.

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Saving was fixed for Analogue Pocket using the OpenFPGA core in v3.4.5!

Also I was informed that you can make the DS rumble pack work by changing the game's header to be the same as a game that does work (e.g. Drill Dozer).

Fixed in v3.4.5!

Hey, I'm sorry you're having issues. It looks like there's a bug in save conversion from versions older than <3.2.
I'll fix this issue in the next release, but until then you have 2 options:

  1. If you've kept a backup of your save before converting to v3.4, first open it using v3.3 (found here) and the bug should no longer happen
  2. Start a new save for v3.4

Thanks for reporting this to me.

looking great!

Here you go!

Gah, unlucky. There should be more stock in a couple of weeks!

The cart comes by itself, so you would need some means to write updates to it. You can do it with a DS (that has a gba slot) using homebrew software like you said or get some other cartridge flasher like the one insideGadgets sells / the epilogue operator.

Thank you!!

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Ahh too bad. The reboot is probably required then :/

Ah that's a shame.

Have you tried rumble without rebooting? It will probably work! Rebooting is only required for anything that uses the gamecube's GameBoy Player rumble, but I show the message in all cases since I can't detect hardware. Let me know how it goes!


I changed 4 line clears to quads out of necessity, I hope you understand...

About saving on OpenFPGA, I had a look around but the GBA core is closed source and has no documentation so I don't know how to help you. You should probably ask around is some community that focuses on the Analogue Pocket... The game supports both SRAM and Flash saving, but I've seen some emulators that detect the save type using an official game database and otherwise disable saving. I would try copying a savefile from another game and renaming it to apotris.srm or whatever you named the rom, just in case this helps it detect the save type (don't worry about the save being different, if is read it should be hopefully detected and reformatted by my code).

Hey and thank you! I've already fixed the bug in the new version. The release will be in the next 1 or 2 days!!

Thank you! You're 100% right, soft drop is affected by DAS and that isn't the standard way of handling soft drop. As luck would have it I've actually already added an option to disable this in the next version! Please stay tuned for the next update!

Great idea for a game!
The controls could use a bit of work, here are some suggestions: 

  1. Moving rotate to A or B like in other tetris games, so that your left thumb isn't doing all the work
  2. Adding some sort of auto-shift/auto-repeat to left and right; the lack of this plus the fact that the pieces spawn on the left means that you have to press right a bunch of times to place something on the right edge of the board

Some sound effects would really help a ton too, but I'm sure you know this and time constraints were the issue.

The graphics were pretty fun too! Interested to see where this goes if you keep working on it.

Aww, thank you!!

Thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying the update!

As for the suggestions, I think the line clear delay is pretty good as is. It strikes a good balance of encouraging multi-line clears while still not punishing you too much time-wise for single line clears. Most other popular unofficial Tetris games omit line clear delay entirely for the sake of speed, but I mostly put it in the game because it adds a lot of character to the visuals.

Speed wise, the game has the guideline values, so it's exactly as fast as Tetris DS. But Apotris lets you change DAS and ARR, making moving pieces to the edges of the board much easier. I don't think adding infinity (no step reset limit)  makes much sense, it would make the game way too easy. Try changing Auto Repeat Delay (DAS) and Auto Repeat Rate (ARR) in the handling settings, and see if that helps.

I checked many times if there are any more bugs with piece locking, but I couldn't notice any. I think it might be that you're too used to infinity... Also from the tetris wiki: "Most games since 2007 have a limit of 15 move resets before the piece locks."

Lastly, while the game might be "difficult", it's way more important that it's fair. That way, you can practice and become better!

Haha no worries, glad everything works!

Hey I just checked, but I think save conversion for place effect is working as intended... Did you mean that the effect is off by default? If so that was intended! 

If you meant you can't turn it on at all, first make sure you're actually saving your changes in settings by selecting "SAVE" and pressing A. If it's still not turning on, DM me your save on twitter if you can, so I can check it out!

I've got a few more modes in the works ( classic mode (NES ), master mode (TGM3) and a few others). I don't have concrete plans after that.

I've tried a few games with pentomino modes, but I never really liked playing with them much. Though, I for sure want to have achievements in the game at some point! I had one of those brick game handhelds as a kid too :D

I also want to port the game to other platforms, once I feel like it is "complete". 

Thank you!

I think I messed up the save conversion from previous versions specifically for rumble and the place effect, I'll release v.3.2.1 soon with a fix!


Thank you for your support, and recommending my game to your friends!

I will try to add Chinese language support (among other languages) in the next major update! Though it might take a while.

Also, thank you for the art!!

I prefer "tetris" too but I changed it to be a bit safer with copyright stuff... So it will have to stay unfortunately :/

That's a good looking GBA :D

Also damn it! I forgot to add the game mode title in the end screen, it's not easy to tell what you were playing like this...

Ah I thought I had DMs turned on, my bad!

I've got a couple of ideas on how to fix the bug, but unfortunately I have no way to test them. I'd really appreciate your help testing, if you have the time!

If you want to help, DM me on twitter or tell me where I can DM you!

I think I fixed the bug, please try it and let me know!

Ah I'm sorry for the trouble, I tested on a few devices and I had no problems with the code, so I decided to leave flash detection on... Didn't think about bootlegs with FRAM. I could always just have 2 builds available, but I will try to fix the code!

Props for finding the issue yourself and building the game, hope it wasn't too much hassle.

I'm almost done with the update, I've just been having a bit of a summer vacation :)

I'll try to finish everything in the next few days!

Thank you!

I did think about adding rumble, maybe in the patch after the next one!

About other puzzle games, I've certainly considered it! Especially a tetris attack/ panel de pon style game since I've already made a crappy clone in the past (though that one already has a pretty good port on GBA).

Right now I'm focusing on adding all the "regular" tetris modes. When I run out of stuff to add, I'll definitely expand to new types of content!

Thanks for the feedback! I'll add the names of the modes in stage select for sure!