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Yeah. I'm more of a PC gamer myself.

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It's annoying, I know. I had to settle for the demo and you know those things are never the complete game.

I feel you...

The paid version is not premium in any way, it's the exact same thing on Android and iOS. But, if you like privacy and have money to spend go with the PC version a.k.a the paid version but if you're not concerned about your privacy online, don't care about ads and on a budget then go with the mobile version, the one for Android and iOS.

Read my comment above:

The mobile version makes money through ads and the sale of your data while the PC version doesn't and makes money through paid downloads, it's simple game monetization. I mean, if you made Among Us which has had 15,000,000+ downloads wouldn't you want to make some money off your game's success?

Hand-drawn graphic novel about a boy called Ernie who gets lost in his closet because of chores. Will he ever find a way out? 

Check it

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Write about what you think about my book, offer suggestions/feedback or just rate the book using a 1-10 scale.