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Has anyone tried using chat GPT to update the code and make it work with better graphics and DX12?

Howdy Yall!
Just posting here to say hello to everyone coming to my game page. Why don't ya just say hello when you stop by in here.
Also feel free to ask questions about the game. I am always willing to help. And will be around here alot. If you want to know more. Please let me know. I love talking about Assault Knights. :) Also feel free to post screenshots of what your doing in the game. Or even videos if you got them. The game is quite fun and I would love to see what yall are doing. :)

Thanks so much.

Night Hawk.

Howdy yall!
I would like to take a moment to share with yall my game that I have been developing for the past 12 years or so.
It is called:
Assault Knights: Reign of Steel.

It is a combined Arms mech game. That has Mechs, Wheeled vehicles, Tanks, Helicopters,Jets, and Turrets. It has been designed on the
Neo Axis Game Engine.

The game is completely free. Just asking for donations mainly. To help with the development of it. You can get the game from here.
In the downloads section. It is highly playable. And very fun.

Please read more on the page.
Also please check out more videos and pics on my Moddb Page.

Also you can follow me on Twitter here.  I post news. And other stuff that I work on their.
Thanks so much for checking the game out.
Night Hawk.

PS: I will post some pics here to show ya some of what to expect from the game. And a Video.