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You're welcome! Also, on an unrelated note, your music reminds me a lot of Jon Holland, the guy who made the music for the Vectorman games on the Genesis/Master System. Unfortunately, I can't find much of his stuff online other than the Vectorman soundtracks and the amazing Vectorman Arrange Album, but it sounds like it would be right up your alley. Anyway, good job on the game! Even if you don't continue, hopefully it'll inspire others to follow in your steps.

It makes me long for a proper 3D fangame where you can gaze into the dream world, look at what's above you, behold the endless horizon... I had an attempt at this effect in Ep3, but it was just a full-screen event. This game, however, is full on 3D, and I think it's the closest I've seen to a true 3D Yume Nikki fangame! The environments are fun to move around in and the larger ones are very pleasant to the eyes. I like the teleport maze especially. Again, it makes me wish for a proper 3D Yume Nikki-style teleport maze where you can not only see other teleportation points in the maze, but also gaze into the void that surrounds you. This game has this, but on a small scale, and in an early, buggy state. Still, it's good while it lasts, and your music is on point as usual! Good job, I'd love to see more!

Yes, you missed the skateboard in the eyeball world (the one just right of the Nexus).

This is cool! I remember playing the RPG Maker version back in 2019. It even inspired some of the stuff in the game I made for DDJ3! It's nice to see it again. Please use a better archive format than RAR, which is proprietary and doesn't give any advantages over other common archive formats like say ZIP or 7z. I got all the effects, is there an ending?

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0 deaths

I did it with some help from an expert! She even wrote the strategy guide.

Well you should scan every executable you download for viruses but yes, of course the game is safe to download.

You should play it to find out. It's a very short game.

Hello, the first choice I made was the cigar because I always suffer a great deal of stress after phone calls and I thought smoking would be a good way to relax.

Ce jeu me fait beaucoup penser à des vieux shooters sur Newgrounds genre Project Inthri alors j'ai bien apprécié! Bien sur, les graphismes pourrait être améliorés mais le gameplay n'est quand même pas si mal, avec quelques bémols.

- Je n'apprécie pas vraiment les powerups générés aléatoirement, surtout quand la seule façon d'améliorer l'arme du vaisseau en fait partie...

- Je ne sais pas si c'est normal, mais je subissait un «inputlag» assez considérable lorsque je jouais. De plus, le vaisseau bouge beaucoup plus vite par en bas que dans les autres directions, ce qui est assez énervant dans certaines sections du niveau 2.

- Le «level design» est passable pour un petit jeu que j'ai trouvé par hasard sur, mais si vous voulez faire un shmup plus élaboré, il y a grandement place à l'amélioration. Je vais pas vous en faire un cours dans les commentaires mais je vous conseille d'étudier la façon dont des jeux comme Gradius Gaiden ou Battle Garegga sont construits.

Aussi, bien que cela ne soit pas vraiment une critique, ça serait gentil d'inclure la provenances des musiques si elles ne sont pas originales pour que les gens puissent les retrouver:

Niveau 1: Sonic Advance 2 - Egg Utopia Act 1

Niveau 2: Sonic Rush Adventure - Haunted Ship Act 1

Niveau 3: Sonic Heroes - Egg Emperor

It would be nice if the cubes would start in sleep mode so you don't instantly lose when they appear.

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Ok well here's a list:

- I can't get the game to work with a controller at all, whether using a DirectInput or an XInput controller.

- Controlling the game with the arrow keys works in the menu, but not in the game. There I can use only WASD to move my character around. The Shift key fires as advertised but PageDn does nothing, I have to press Enter to fire my secondary weapon. In addition to that, pressing the arrow keys or PageUp/PageDn still controls the scrolling for the browser window even after clicking the game's region so even if they worked, it would make the gameplay unbearable.

- When pressing Enter on the "pause" icon on the sound menu to go back to the main menu, the game seemingly registers another Enter press right after, which sends me back to the sound menu unless I quickly move the cursor and select the play option on the main menu, which starts up the game normally.

- During gameplay, the scrolling of the screen is very choppy and the screen seems to scroll in "chunks" like an old Konami MSX game. The game also seemingly has to stop and load everytime it generates a new level section, which wouldn't be so bad if the load times weren't so long... There's also a very long load time when selecting the sound menu from the main menu.

- Sometimes during in-game loading, my character will warp to a seemingly arbitrary position on-screen. Once I got stuck on the left edge of the screen and couldn't move. I had to wait for the enemies to kill me.

- Holding down right seemingly makes you go past wherever the enemies are spawning which basically makes you invincible as the screen tries to catch up to you.

- Firing the secondary weapon also makes the little rotating pod fire missiles regardless of my ammo count. Speaking of which, I don't know if it's supposed to be following me, but it's only ever staying in the corner of the screen.

- Pressing M or N or possibly other keys bring me to a hidden options menu which has an option for fullscreen mode which really helps, as well as other option which don't seem to do anything. One of them doesn't even work when I click it with the mouse.

- The third option on the main menu does nothing. Usually "quit" options in browser games would simply freeze the game region, but here nothing happens.

- I don't know if it's a bug but the game itself has no music, which is weird considering both the main menu and the secret option menu both have music.

I was playing on the latest version of Firefox, if that helps.


Où pourrais-je trouver la musique de ce jeu? Elle est excellente!

I like the style of this game. Unfortunately it's hard to comment on the gameplay because the game as played in my browser is very buggy which makes it difficult to play. I recommend you fix these bugs before working on new features.

This is a very cool game! The graphics and art design is excellent and the music is very good as well. The gameplay was very fun too although it gets a little repetitive so I'd love to see this completed in full someday. I have a few complaints though:

- Some of the sound effects are bad. The sound your bullets make when they hit enemies as well as the sound the 8-way exploding enemies make when they explode are especially grating.

- When playing with the mouse the menus are very annoying to navigate.

- The gamepad controls where completely broken for me. I don't have an XBox controller but I tried playing with a generic XInput controller and not only was the steering unbearably sensitive, but I also couldn't seem to switch into first gear at all. When playing on the first drive mode, I would get stuck into third gear forever as soon as I switched to it. The game plays like a charm with mouse and keyboard though.


Ah, well if you ask it so nicely... There's one guy in a Discord server I'm in who found the thing you're probably missing by accident. Here's some bits that could help you: .

This is a very cool game! I'd love to see this expanded in full.

I had fun but it stops getting harder at some point and you just curb-stomp everything as soon as you get the lightning bolt. There's also a few other problems:

- The big orange "boss" enemies stop shooting completely once you get far enough.

- The "boss" enemies also deal barely any contact damage to your character, so you can just stay inside their sprite and take them down without effort. I think this also applies to the big red enemies.

- Both the red and orange enemies keep moving while the game is paused.

- Your character's hitbox is bigger than its sprite which I really dislike, especially in shoot 'em up games.

Also it seems like you intended for this game to be played in the browser, which doesn't happen. I had to download the game and open "index.html" in my browser (Firefox) which didn't even work (WebGL not supported in file:// urls) until I messed with the config.

Otherwise it's a fun little game. The explosions and other special effects look good and shooting stuff is satisfying.

That's a weird ending man.

What exactly do you mean?

Hello and thank you for playing my game! Unfortunately I don't like giving directions since I think it's more interesting if players figure things out by themselves. What I can tell you, however, is that if you found the scorpion effect, you have all the gameplay skills you need to acquire two of the three remaining effects and beat the game. Make sure you explore everything.

The next version will address the speed issue you mentioned as well as many other things.

P.-S. I like Russia, it's a great country that I'd like to visit someday!