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This is a very cool game! The graphics and art design is excellent and the music is very good as well. The gameplay was very fun too although it gets a little repetitive so I'd love to see this completed in full someday. I have a few complaints though:

- Some of the sound effects are bad. The sound your bullets make when they hit enemies as well as the sound the 8-way exploding enemies make when they explode are especially grating.

- When playing with the mouse the menus are very annoying to navigate.

- The gamepad controls where completely broken for me. I don't have an XBox controller but I tried playing with a generic XInput controller and not only was the steering unbearably sensitive, but I also couldn't seem to switch into first gear at all. When playing on the first drive mode, I would get stuck into third gear forever as soon as I switched to it. The game plays like a charm with mouse and keyboard though.