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why must you hurt me like this /j

This is... amazing. I'm not great with words and I can't find the right ones to describe what I'm feeling. My heart feels heavy but not in a bad way if that makes sense. This was really beautiful. Brb crying in the bathroom rn

I'd love to help but I fear I might not be a lot of help since I just started learning Twine this month and still catching up on JS. Would be happy to be secondary support tho

I just finished Yì Kâi's route and BRO 😭😭😭

Some bug first: in ch4 (ikemma route) when Seren was asked why she was helping Martyn, both dialogue for friend/lover appeared: like "she's helping her friend's father out" then "she's helping her lover's father out." Also I chose the sun path but when recounting my adventure to my precious bb in the tower,  Seren said Thisbe attacked them in the desert and meant to die doing so when it was Emrys who was pursuing them

Sorry if this is incoherent, I was just absolutely SHATTERED. I was bawling my eyes out Yì Kâi was just waiting for Seren and it did not even cross his mind that she would betray him 😭 and even made excuses for her after she told him that her past self willingly did so 😭😭😭 I'm still processing everything so I'll do the other routes when I'm done processing cuz bb u broke my heart and it's  just 👌 I look forward to the DLC!!!

I was so pleasantly surprised and ecstatic when the new update dropped! I've been waiting for xyx's route since I saw his silhouette and read his snippet in the version 1, and I have to say you guys did NOT disappoint! he legit took my breath away when he showed up for the intro call. I  was giggling and sighing like a schoolgirl on every call! I haven't played the other boys' routes yet because I still need a little bit of time to recover from xyx tbh. though now I'm excited to dive in and fall in love with them too all over again. thank you for sharing this extraordinary game with us. I could only imagine how hard everyone worked for BP, and it really shows. you guys are fcking LEGENDS. I look forward to playing more of your games in the future!!!

this is so cute omg

Aw yissssssssssss I missed my bbs

I think the animations will work well! Can't wait to see it in action. Also thank you for taking the time to explain this behind-the-scenes, it's really interesting! It's obvious how much effort you're putting into LtGBtK and from that alone I know it's going to be great 💛

Love this! Cannot wait to play Sir Mansoor's route! <3 Will there be angst? Pining?? Fluff??? Gah, so excited!!!

Brilliant and scary.

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I am so glad I stumbled upon this amazing (and it's only the first chapter) game! I'm looking forward to seeing how my choices will shape Mathias as a person and as a king.

  • What's your favorite character?
    • Mathias, ofc! Can't wait to explore all of the options with him! I love a good royal/protector romance.
  • Did you try the different options, or did you follow only one path?
    • Ugh I just hate being mean to people (yes, even in games) so I normally don't, but the other choices are just too enticing to not explore. So I have one save each for the (1) kind King route, (2) violent King, and (3) ruthless tyrant. Gawd, the fluff in (1) and the tension in the others! "You're mine" "Do not provoke me" "I am the only one allowed to touch him" GAH moar pls.
  • What do you think of the black and white aesthetic?
    • I love it! It's what caught my eye among the sea of other thumbnails tbh. I've always had a weakness for this style. As mentioned, it's not often seen in games like this so it's refreshing.
  • Would you like to see more colored CGs, like the one at the end of chapter one?
    • Sure, but I'd still love it even if it's just the b&w! Not to say that I didn't like it--because I did, it was BEAUTIFUL--the colored CG was a v nice bonus indeed, and some people prefer them. I really love the b&w though, and I don't mind if we get only a few or no colored CGs at all!

So TL;DR: everything was A-MA-ZING, and I can't wait for Chapter 2! Really, this is so incredible I can't stop using myself from using exclamation points!