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Aimeelou Destiny

A member registered Feb 03, 2019

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Yes, as a Linux user I second this :o)

+1 for Linux

I would happily pay the 4.00 USD if I could play this on Linux :o)

I think they should get an A+ :o)

I have just donated 5 USD to help you to continue development of this great game, enjoy my donation as you deserve it :o)

I have had the same thing happen the odd occasion to, so glad you will be addressing this, thanks :o)

Yes, I finally figured it out after I got to is working okay, thanks for the help :o)

I'm having an issue where I can't jump, using the Linux version on Linux Mint 19.3, other games that use space work okay :o/

I have a couple questions about this and Steam version of FlowScape, my first question is why is there not a Linux version of FS on Steam store ? ........and lastly I would like to know what proof of receipt would we need to get a steam key ?

Thank you for a wonderfully creative and fun application that is easy to use to create such fun and interesting art work, please keep the updates coming :o)