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  • Great work!
  • Your core mechanic is really fun! 
  • I think it works well, not over-explaining the mechanics and letting the player explore
  • It took me a minute to figure out that my goal was the other green pipe.  It fades into the background a bit.
  • You may consider being a little slower and more deliberate in introducing new mechanics, then letting players master them over on a subsequent level.
  • The mechanics around bouncing vs sticking were a little unclear.  At first I thought I would stick to pipes and bounce off of bricks but then I bounced off of a pipe.
  • A few times I died and couldn't tell why...
  • I just figured out it was because of the limited bounces



A VR headset is required, unfortunately. It is explicitly designed with a motion-tracked head and controllers in mind.

This was not tested on the Rift S and no further updates are planned at this time. Sorry! 💦

Howdy~ Sorry to say that there aren't any comfort options. :( Getting the game up and running was the biggest priority for this student team, so they didn't get a chance to implementing those sorts of things.

There aren't any plans to any further updates to this at the moment, but we'll let you know if it gets updated. We'll also make a note of this for future VR projects at AIE!