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i was able to finish the game. having played a lot of celeste, i figured how to beat the game. i really like it! <3

got stuck at one point in the beginning of the game, had to run around in circles and finally decided to  just reset the game altogether and voila! I found what I was missing. haven't made it that far into the game, yet, but I already like it.

based on my experience so far:

✔️ interesting unique game mechanics

✔️ good graphics and animation

✔️ simple & smooth movement and controls

✔️ good sound effects. I'm not a fan of 8-bit music but I'd say the game's music is good.

✔️ good level design (except maybe for the part in the early stage of the game where, if you miss the intended route to be able to progress, you'll find yourself stuck because (1) you're brought too far back for making a wrong turn and (2) too many open paths that loop around so it can be hard to find your way back into the right path again)

found this game while randomly browsing. it's really good. the controls is interesting - it's challenging to get used to. it's a bit tricky because my mind gets confused between "do I want to move towards that direction?" and "do I want to shoot towards that direction?" really like the pixel graphics and the little details in the animation.

I really liked the demo.

✔️ Graphics - The overall look is cohesive. Very easy to the eyes. Beautiful. There are many ways to describe how good the graphics is. I like it very much. The screen transition is really cute as well, and I also liked its color palette.

✔️ Sound effects and music

✔️ Character movement and attack - Moves smoothly and I like the variety of attacks

✔️ Level design - I only played one level. I like the design because it wasn't monotonous or boring. It was fun exploring, collecting stuff and fighting the enemies.

Minor stuff:

The default controls are a bit odd for me though, WAD instead of ASD. But that's just a minor thing that can be fixed with customizable controls. And on the tutorial decals, W and A are switched.

basically my thoughts as well.