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Think I died due to not understanding what all the different actions did, combined with the control system leading me to sometimes select the wrong option.

Regarding movement speed, you could keep it the same but shorten the distance you need to travel on the earlier levels. Or you could have faster speed on earlier levels and slow it down later.

Nice game, good levels. Some of the levels were a bit "busy". I didn't really see the connection to the theme. Some more mechanics and trickier levels could really lead to a nice little game. Agree with what some one else said about (optional?) snapping to the center of tiles.

Really cool idea.

Would have been nice to see the actual animation after you hit enter, it would let the player get better feedback on how the character actual moves. Without that, the harder levels just felt like trial-and-error.

The ordering of the levels seemed quite random, with a lot of trivial levels followed by huge difficulty spikes.

Lovely aesthetic, the graphics and sound reminded me of N++.

Good job.

So annoying! Great job on getting the feeling of trying to do something while keeping an eye on the road. A pretty good advert for not using your phone while driving! Fun music, some other sounds would have been cool though, could have actually added to the design in some ways (noise of other cars, etc).

Seriously though, just chuck those post-its out the window!

Very nice art style. I liked the music very much, but it was frustrating that it restarted on every level/death. Just let it play continuously, especially when levels are so short and you die so quickly.

It was pretty frustrating to only get one go at a level, but I get that was part of the theme. But that aspect of it wasn't fun.

Controls were pretty janky, walk and jump speed was too fast with no acceleration curve.

More in-game sound effects would also be cool.

The idea is cool and maybe has potential, but this version of it felt kind of mindless. Some actual level design rather than just an endless high score thing could have really made it more a interesting challenge.

Movement felt slow for this kind of game, although it was kind of atmospheric, especially when you get stuck in a corner with no ammo.

More weapon/enemy types to make it more varied would be cool.

I liked this, pretty original. But I couldn't really understand what was going on at first. Got stuck at a certain point (level 10?). Didn't really understand the new block type introduced in level 9. Would have got stuck earlier if not for the ability to illuminate the map.

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Moves *way* too slowly in early levels, I got bored waiting. Either increase movement speed or shorten the distances in early levels.

Having to restart the whole thing after failing a level was frustrating, especially when combined with slow movement speeds.

Idea seemed interesting though, was just a bit frustrating to play in this implementation. Also, I couldn't hear any music/sounds.

This was quite fun, machine gun especially :p Sniper seems garbage though. Didn't quite get the point of the stats page. The frequency of weapon drops seems a bit too random; sometimes I would be swimming in weapons straight away, other plays it took ages to get any. It would have been nice to feel like there was an endpoint I guess? Or at least a scoreboard.

I didn't get the relationship to the theme at all.

Beautiful graphics, some sound would have been nice :-)

Couldn't extract linux version :-(

Seems unfinished? Collisions seemed to only work sometimes. Art style was kinda cool though.

Really nice, could have played 20 more levels or so. Agree with others that hit boxes felt too big. That, combined with the guy moving a bit too fast, meant it could be quite frustrating at times. Maybe a bit of a slower acceleration would help? Really cool concept though, nice levels, excellent art and sound.

What did you used to make the art sounds and music?

Thanks for the feedback. I didn't have time to make the water actually move, which would have made the physics feel more intuitive. The guy is paddling upstream, when he stops moving forward to turn, he gets pushed back.