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It's a nice shader we found in the godot shaders page,it has a lot of them you should check it. Thanks for the feedback!

this time is honestly a feature haha. Maybe we should add more hints on to why that happens. Our audio guy is truly great and makes our games way better. Thanks for playing!

thanks for the feedback! We added an amazing storyteller teammate for this one!

Thanks for playing and the feedback!

Hi! Thanks for the kind words and the feedback, we definitely think this game as a sequel to the last one! 

Our artistic team did truly knock it off the park with this game. Good advice on the notebook, we add it on the final stretch so it ended not so polished compared with the rest of the game.
Thanks for playing it!

Hi, our composer Vale did great with the music. Some more sound effects were there but they are subtle, maybe we should add a little volume there. 
You are so right about the little rocks, made me laugh with that! Thanks you for the comment and for playing our game

Hi, thanks for the compliments! Sure, repo is public, you can check it out here

Thanks cookie. It was fun to try this kind of game, you should definitely  do it! Thanks for the compliments

Lots of pages in that notebook for sure! Thanks for playing our game!

Yeah, maybe a more interactive tutorial would fit better. We owe you the progression for the next one! Thanks for the comment.

Thanks for the feedback. Bob is awesome!

Nice game! This jam has some good puzzles

Nice one, really fun puzzles!

Great entry for 2 hours only!, It was curious for me because we used the same spritesheet!

At first i didn't manage to put pieces into the mural, but then i came here and saw the comments, I gave it another go and finished it. awesome looks for the time frame. good job

We used a template that manages internalization among others thinga, it's in the description, and we totally forgot to translate the dialogue strings to French. Thanks for the kind words

Absolutely! A HUD would've great! Thanks for the feedback

The idea seems fun. Hope you can narrow the scope of your projects next time, so you can deliver something complete. I'm glad you had fun and learnt with this jam!

Yeah, the mechanic is unclear about using the orbs , we will fix it once the jam is over. Maybe some tiles were wrong, we should check that, thanks for the feedback!

Thanks! =)

Yeah, it was not intended to punch enemies, instead when u grab the orb you can select it with the numbers 1 to 3 and then u can attack enemies and rocks! We should made that clearer. Thanks for the feedback

Thank you!

Hi there, the concept seem good, and i did enjoyed the music, but i didn't manage to do anything satisfactory during my session. The movement felt slow and my shooting asteroids were useless. I liked the graphics too. Good job.

very nice game!

great tool, thank you!

From your review, i think is possible that you didn't get the mechanic (which is my fault for not making it clear), as the space "accelerate" the game as long as you are pressing it making you jump higher and also changing your resizing in the platforms but getting back to normal as soon as you release it. Maybe a clearer mechanic would be the space bar to boost you for a little while. Let me know what you think of this. Also thank you for taking time to make a review!

I couldn't get used to the mouse only controls, would be nice to have an alternative (maybe 2 keys in keyboard). Despite that it looks really cool in it's dark vibe. Perhaps add a story as well in a future update. Overall great work

I enjoyed it. Loved graphics and sound. Played a few levels and read it has a max score, would be interesting to see it run endlessly, as in procedural generate the shapes of the wall. It's a nice game. 

It's nice for your first game. Congratulations!. Trying to make a constructive critic I feel like Tab wasn't the best option for resizing. And it would look much better with some simple sprites and tileset. I appreciate that it has sound!. Good work

I really like the idea. Guess you could work on slider control since it's a bit weird. Maybe introduce the mechanic with a diferent input and approach. Congrats on first game.!!

The concept sounds good. But it feels like nothing is happening