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Agunn Games brought you an action pack top-down shooter game CRIMINAL CARNAGE.
Here is a link of the game play-

Download the PC version from here -

It was tough to get which way to go and what to do :)

Best of luck O:)

Nice visuals and music but could not decipher the game O:)

Roamed around the Island for long time. I loved the horror vibe and the darkish lighting. But the game crashed both time after following the horror sound and following that sound to a specific tree with Red lighting.  Thus could not understand whats the game play. 

Thanks for the comment. I hope you like it. O:)

thnx a lot


Played for a long time :)

Does "You beat the game" means the end?  Would love to get some more puzzles :)

Good time pass I would say O:). 

Good one. I passed my time well with it. 

Spent a lot of time but could not escape. The movement on the water could be a little more comfy. Anyways nice background music.

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Criminal Carnage is an action game full of excitement. It is a top-down shooter game where you are a Rambo-like avatar and your mission is to clear the Island from the criminals.  The surround sounds, catchy dialogues and challenging boss fight is what this game will offer you. Pardon me the weak artwork of the game. I made all the Artwork in Powerpoint as I am not at all a good artist and the game was made for #IndieGamesLabJam of 7 days only.

The story-line has a second part which will be released upon getting user feedback.


  • The direction keys or A+S+D+W for moving.
  • Left Button of mouse for shooting.

Just played it for a few times, good concept. nice game. A little excitementd added! would make it better.

Thanks a lot. I will try to make the next one better.

Glad  you liked it :)

Played the game, its not that bad but the gameplay could be faster. Well done making a complete game O:)

Tried it, the level design was nice. just my opinion as a player:

- The Jump of the player is not under control. I mean it could be made more smooth and specific, so players can save themselves from the obstacles.

Otherwise, good going. keep it up O:)

Nice Trailer :)

Thanks a lot.


Sorry, this was my first time posting here. I did post another one with an embedded image. 

Nice visuals

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Eddy Wants To Go Home is a casual infinite  runner for android devices.  Enjoy the smooth control and excitement. My Fourth game and 1st on . In this game you play as Eddy who is trying to go home in his bike and you control the bike to save him from monstrous enemies.  Some surprises are there as you go ahead. For FREE

The Youtube Link:

Enjoy the free android game newly published on Eddy Wants To Go Home is an exciting infinite runner with smooth control. A good casual game.