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We did use Crocotile3D, but only for two things: the pipe arrangements and mesh fences.

Originally we wanted to use Crocotile for level geometry too. But it was going to take too long, so instead Flan & I did the first pass in MagicaVoxel and then used Maya to edit that.

Thanks!! :)

If I understand your question, you're wondering what resolution I recommend playing the game at?

I always play the game at the highest available resolution for my screen, which is usually 1080p. I haven't tested the game in 4k, but it should work in theory... Imo the game still looks pretty sharp in 720p or even lower, as long as anti-aliasing is set to 4x or 8x. 

So I guess the best resolution is "the highest your computer can do while also keeping antialiasing at at least 4x". But any resolution should work fine (even ones which aren't 16:9).

Let me know if that answers your question!

Thanks for playing it so far through! I have to apologize for these really bad areas. I had to do all the level design in about an hour, and didn't have any time to playtest it because of the 48-hour jam deadline, so there are a TON of issues. The truth is that I'm not happy with how this game plays. Like you said, enemies don't indicate their presence to the player well enough, and can spot you from much too far away, so you get sniped by guys you aren't even aware of, which is not fun... Also the game world has too many empty boring zones

I've been working fulltime on a total redo of this concept, called 'In The Crags'. It has the same visual style and basic structure, but the gameplay and level design have been redone from scratch. Enemies aren't stationary anymore; they're intelligent and will try to chase you if they spot you. Also you can now jump, crawl, and read the minds of NPCs and enemies :)