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Rain Hallowed Chalk

a psychedelic stealth/exploration prototype · By Aaron Taecker-Wyss

Game Play & Review!

A topic by Angelique Cutthroat created Dec 10, 2017 Views: 86 Replies: 2
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Wooohoo what a trip! I love all the colors and the weird things about this game, it's strange but in the right way. Some small complaints I have are the pace in which he "runs" and not knowing when a turret is aimed and ready to shoot, I wish that I had some other indicated especially in new areas of the game where I'm not completely sure where the turret is, but I understand both of those things add to the challenge of the game and don't need to be changed. The BIGGEST complaint I have is the last area I was in (In my video I enter that area at 14:25 then I come back to it again around 17:00 minutes) *SPOILERS* this is the area with multiple walls/boxes to hide behind, but there are at least four turrets I know about *SPOILERS OVER* I think that part was just such a jump in difficulty from everything else and I'd really be interested to see how to beat that area as well as what happens at the end of the game because I could not beat that part.  But that's the only issue I had with the game everything else was super fun and colorful and i had a good time! Maybe you could do something more for this in the future, I would love to see a level system in the game where it just keeps getting harder!


Thanks for playing it so far through! I have to apologize for these really bad areas. I had to do all the level design in about an hour, and didn't have any time to playtest it because of the 48-hour jam deadline, so there are a TON of issues. The truth is that I'm not happy with how this game plays. Like you said, enemies don't indicate their presence to the player well enough, and can spot you from much too far away, so you get sniped by guys you aren't even aware of, which is not fun... Also the game world has too many empty boring zones

I've been working fulltime on a total redo of this concept, called 'In The Crags'. It has the same visual style and basic structure, but the gameplay and level design have been redone from scratch. Enemies aren't stationary anymore; they're intelligent and will try to chase you if they spot you. Also you can now jump, crawl, and read the minds of NPCs and enemies :)

ohh that sounds awesome!! I'll take a look at it! Thanks for getting back to me!