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A really fun looking game but it keeps crashing at different places around level 2. During the endless stairs/happy birthday area I keep falling through the floor on the out most stair. And then in the pharmacy area the game keeps freezing.

Also there is a type in the second room, the decontamination room. The info board says something like

"Do you remember that, right?"

There might be a language barrier but usual phrasing in English would be:

"You remember that, right?"


"Do you remember that?"

And what the heck was that constellation puzzle. We're only allowed to look at the map once and then we have to guesswork anything we didn't remember? I stopped playing after that. 

As others have said, this is mostly a montage of visual effects that aren't sewn together by any narrative, worldbuilding elements, or gameplay. The creator certainly has some potential in environment creation but the presentation of this ends up mostly being a tease as there isn't really any actual content behind the imagery. I think if they were to work on turning their style into an actual game then there is a lot of potential for some awesome ideas here, but as it is it mostly comes off as a portfolio of assets.  The good news is I think the hard work has been done and adding things like a story, smoother and more interactive mechanics, and some world continuity shouldn't be too much additional work.