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A really fun looking game but it keeps crashing at different places around level 2. During the endless stairs/happy birthday area I keep falling through the floor on the out most stair. And then in the pharmacy area the game keeps freezing.

Also there is a type in the second room, the decontamination room. The info board says something like

"Do you remember that, right?"

There might be a language barrier but usual phrasing in English would be:

"You remember that, right?"


"Do you remember that?"

And what the heck was that constellation puzzle. We're only allowed to look at the map once and then we have to guesswork anything we didn't remember? I stopped playing after that. 


Hi! I'm Johnny, one of the devs behind this game. Sorry to hear about the crashes, but unfortunately we had to close our studio because the game didn't sell very well so we can't keep supporting the game any longer.

About the constellation puzzle, you can press a key (by default is TAB or one of the triggers if you are playing with a game pad) so you can check the constellations whenever you want while you are not using the telescope.

And yeah, there are some typos in the writing because some of the posters and written resources where made by me (a spanish fella with its english limitations) after the official translation we paid to a proffessional team of translators so... my bad :(