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Hi pauanolo, some gamepad improvements are coming, hopefully they fix your issue. What does not work exactly? Have you tried to configure the actions associated with the buttons from the configuration screen?

Great! Just have to get to it now :)


Love the idea!

Super nice! Original and challenging game logic!


Can you take a screenshot of this black pixel? Is it moving or is it always at the same position?

That is really odd. On what OS do you play the game?

Sorry for not replying earlier, thanks for your comments! I try to stick to a fixed color palette for consistency but will look into tuning it a bit.

I agree for some vehicles it is sometimes hard to distinguish front and back. Which one were problematic for you?

Ah yes, I should look into making a Pixel Wheels AppImage. If you have experience on this topic, you’re welcome ;)

Thanks! Will look into this zoom issue. Best of luck with your own game!

Thanks for the kind words!

Great to hear you like it!

I plan more content indeed. I am working on a new track at the moment.

As for making cars slide, that’s something I want to include too, but it’s surprisingly challenging to bend the engine so that the car slides while remaining easy to drive…