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These ideas are really interesting--I especially like the additional biomes.

I hadn't even considered narrative elements before, but you're right, that has amazing potential

I played through the first day, looking around the map and talking to the characters. I think this game has a lot of potential! The color palette and the characters are really great. I find the controls and movement a bit clunky though, and the environment graphics are a bit flat. I am interested in seeing how it develops!

I love the world-building clues that you get when snooping about, well done <3

My beautiful Island is complete!! <3

Nevermind, turns out I was running the wrong version!

I can't see the continent... when my game opens I'm very zoomed in and can only see a few pylons. :(

This game is stunning in its simplicity and (now) balance between relaxing and strategy. I also love that the maps are dynamically generated, which adds to replayability! This is honestly one of my favourite games on itch, and I can't wait to see where it goes from here.

Constructive Criticism:

I do second TemplarFreak's note about the fyrnbos, I've definitely had to restart a level because there weren't enough trees. 

I also think that the green color for the outline of valid tiles and the text makes it blend in to the point of illegibility--maybe a yellow would be better? 

I really really love this game, but the saves don't work!! I want to get further than making a stone workbench but it's too much to go through the grind every time :

I love it! It's sooo cute!

I tried to play the demo but the background goes black as soon as I leave the house, and the screen after that, it's all black, the guy disappeared too :( I love the premise and would love to try the game!

Beautiful <3

Really really great!! I have played through two whole warehouses!

I do have some suggestions though, since the challenge modes seem too basic:

  • a greyscale challenge mode
  • a black and white challenge mode
  • an outline-only challenge mode (like the icons on the loading screen)
  • a timeless chill mode where you can organize as much as you want and then request more deliveries when you're ready
  • maybe a challenge mode with less blocks but more unmoveable corners and boundaries?

These would make the game so much more layered and interesting!! Thank you for considering them, and I'd love to hear what you think!

I love it! It's so cute and relaxing. The scanner is an interesting mechanic, and I like how villagers were clues. Good job!!

I've played 30 mins and I love it so far! It's relaxed while still being engaging. I like being able to space over to the couldron, and that there are more potions in this version. I know I'll be going through finding all of the potions!

very beautiful, from the colors to the sounds <3

cute! I love the little voices ^-^