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Are you planning on making a whole set? Would love to see the other signs

Hi will this game be getting a downloadable version?? Also I love the Victorian style of the garments, very cute!

Really enjoying the game so far, I have a feeling Jackie will be my favorite in the full release!

Really silly time, I was confused about the spacebar control but was fun to challenge myself to see how much corn I could get.

This is very fun, I really liked the element of the movable blocks!

this was a strange but very fun experience!

Can this be used in a paid for game or only in a free game? 

this game is Goldie all the way down!

I've never seen a game explain the concept of losing yourself so well, bravo!

quick and fun, I like it

Thank you so much for your feedback on So Below. Comments like this really inspire our team, and we're so glad you played through the whole thing. Out curiosity, what ending did you get? We're planning on updating the game with some updates to the writing as well as minor bug fixes and we'll definitely take your feedback into account. So Below is more than a horror game, it's really about what it feels like to build something new for yourself, and how horrifying that in itself can be! thank you thank you thank you!

Really enjoyable and easy to learn. Thoroughly enjoyed playing :)

I love this game. It's easy to understand, each turn is quick but helps you make decisions and the upgrades actually matter. 

I’m so bummed I missed the haiku plushie…any chance of the campaign running again?

hola! tenemos un equipo para JuNarEs jam que es una jam de juegos narrativos en español. Tenemos programadores y escritores asi que estamos buscando artistas y compositores. La historia hasta ahora es: El marido de la protagonista queda destrozado cuando su mujer fallece. Desesperado por el dolor, acepta la ayuda de su colega y le inyecta a su esposa un suero que le devuelve a la vida. El suero le regresa la vida, pero la mujer que despierta no es la misma persona. El suero contiene una tecnología que le confiere poderes y funciones mentales avanzadas, pero su personalidad tampoco es la misma. No es ni una IA ni una mujer. A lo largo de la historia, la mujer trata de encontrar su verdadera identidad. nos encantaría que otros hispanohablantes participaran en el arte y la música, pero si realmente te gusta la historia, ¡por favor, ponte en contacto con nosotros!

This game was hard because of personal reasons, but it was also nostalgic and heartwarming. So glad I played it.


so nostalgic and bittersweet. love it

So cute! I love it :) I wish you could have the leaves facing both sides as it would look cute to make a symmetrical sweater, but great experience either way!

very soft and cute game

wow, that hurt, but was great

Perfectly fits the unnecessarily complicated. The bug art is fun and the music suits the game!

Yeah I do, it's afuera#1670 :) 

Hi there! I was thinking of maybe doing a game about one of the Hawaiian islands for this jam, let me know if that sounds interesting to you!

amazing, thank you!

will railbound be coming to the switch?

will this ever be on mac?

WOW! love this game :) 

Cookin' Daddy community · Created a new topic fun game

Nothing to say other than I had fun playing this :) 

Wish this game page had more of the game art, the characters are pretty cool looking. I also really like the music and the sound in the game :) 

This game is so cute! Did you build it with unity?

This was so fun. The only thing is I wish that this had a CG gallery, but other than that, thanks for making a beautiful game.

such a peaceful and delightful game! turns out - i'm awful at steering. i really loved all the ripples in the water and the sounds

This is a cool game!

Trying to play on a mac and got the error of "Cannot read property of 'build' of undefined when trying to open it :( 

This was delightful and painful

So for example if I split up and used 1 song in 5 games, and the song in each game was a different one in the pack, that would be ok? Or would that still require 5 licenses?

I love this game! I am playing it on my mac and it's a lot of fun. Easy to learn and gets hard decently fast! To download it on mac, I bought the game then clicked download, but then I went on the actual and downloaded it from the game page. You don't have to download it like that, but makes it easier to access and play :) anyway great game!

If I purchase a pack, can they be used for multiple games?