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I picked the feminism one because this guys dad sounds like he has things to learn about feminism.

I think the word you are looking for is transgender.

I don't understand how the character wearing a wig heels and makeup makes them a male disguised as a female? 

When I click on 12 westwater view it doesn't give me an explore orb, is this supposed to happen?

how do you get all the endings?

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Answers for word puzzle:

evolution, love, evil, vile.

I forgive the dog for biting my hand. 

The dog is by far my favourite character.

Please give the dog a name!!!

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Agreed, that is very unfortunate. Hopefully it's not intentional.


Look, the game itself is great. But relating it to schizophrenia is not. Schizophrenics already have to deal with so much hatred and misunderstanding, using schizophrenia for an "aesthetic" is actually really harmful and irresponsible. Unless you are schizophrenic yourself and just sharing your experiences, please consider a name change or something. Schizophrenia is not an aesthetic.

It's about how endless growth isn't a sustainable model for the future.

Thank u!

Can you add an option to mute the sound effects? Thx!

Thank you kind stanger

It doesn't let you delete letters


It's pointing out how bad it is that companies do that, it's a satire. It also did the same when I put conservative (trust me I'm not)

You NEED to make a sequel iavhxodvxouwdvcwycvd

The entire game was about a rapist being tortured by a demon(?) and it tells the story of a girl who committed suicide because of that trauma. You may have been just making a toilet joke and didn't mean it like that, but many people  won't see it that way. I think it's perfectly reasonable that people would be upset by your comment, I think you should've listened to why they thought it was harmful instead of just writing them off.

when does it show up?

I wrote a dense paragraph on communism .

This is my one 

I have eviscerated
the authorities
that were in
the region

and which
you were symbolically
for reaffirmation

Forgive me
they were repugnant
so wrong
and so brash

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how do you get ending 10

Edit: Nvm I got it.

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Regardless of whether it was your fault, I'm still happy that you are actively trying to make things better.  And that you made such a good game.

Thank you. Usually people just get angry and defensive, It's nice to have someone who actually cares. ^v^

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I love this game. Maybe take out the dig at communism because communism has worked for most of prehistory because caveman society was technically communist. Ig it fits Akarshas character tho.

Edit: It said r*t*rd*d. Put a trigger warning for that. that's an extremely offensive slur.  it's still a nice game bu jesus christ that hit me like a truck.

If anyone knows why this is that would be cool thanks

Very good game. There is a glitch where the previous bodies get attached to the boulder by some invisible string so you just see their twitching corpses flying around. one of the most gruesome things i've seen, makes it a bit too dark even for this. other wise amazing game. I'd reccomend putting a trigger warning at the start.

would be nice if you added a non binary gender option

As a commie I was like >:( but then is saw the description and I was like B)

I lost my baby dog way too early. this game helped me a lot. thank you