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I've player the whole project and I am kind of disappointed that you've discontinued it. The sound and level design is great, as well the visuals. The mechanics though feel a bit unpredictable (like when moving or sticking to a wall) and the level details are sticking out in some places - but that's fixable.

If you ever decide working on it again, I would be interested! :)

Thanks for your honest reply. I am glad you enjoyed it.

A level selector is definitely planned for one of the upcoming versions. Also I am also constantly working on making the in-game experience better and enjoyable for players, as I am constantly tweaking levels and values.

As of a level editor, that would be an amazing idea. Maybe not for now, but in a future update for sure.

Under what licence is this tileset? Can I use a modified version for a commercial product?

As a fan of platforming games, I am really impressed with your work. The game starting with the boss fight and the rewinding ability reminded me for a moment of Braid, but no I was so wrong. After I got the first ability, I saw that it was much more than that. I enjoyed much the game, as the level design is pretty impressive. The graphics are really cool and I think suit the style of the game, but I had some minor bugs, like the player sprite getting stuck in a fixed angle, or the jumping frog thingy animation playing even when on ground.

I enjoyed the mechanics, especially that you can jump back in time, while keeping your abilities (but the hearts tho :( :D ).  Although, I must say that the keyboard controls are not the best, as I had trouble shooting and jumping while dashing through enemy attacks or lasers, and eventually using the rewind feature. And I have somehow, after a few unknown keypresses opened some debug list (i think) with all the abilities. Better be careful with that when publishing next time.

A high quality metroidvania with some astonishing twists. Thats what I would call it, even though it is not complete. Good luck with your project, and cant wait to see more in the near future. :D ^_^

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