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Thank you! Haha I do the same thing, downloading random games that seem interesting and then totally forget to play them lol. Thanks for giving it a try though :). I feel you on the tedious snow collecting. I was trying to make the puzzles part of the story arc but I'm still learning how to make puzzles fun :/. Thanks again! Your game Ancra is still my fav horror game experience from rpg maker games, the atmosphere stuck with me for some time after playing. Hope you're still working on games man :)

awe thanks so much. I'm glad you liked it, and I appreciate you feeling that way about my little game :). 

Haha Thanks again! And I definitely will :).

Hey, thank you for trying out my little game! I actually owe you thanks for helping me through your really well done YouTube vids about "how to make a horror game." Btw, that was the dad on the bed. It is hard to tell though with my art style lol. Thank you so much :). 

This was great, so much mood in such a simplistic setting. Love the writing too, good work! :)

That's really cool you remade it, I always find it hard to get back into a game I've finished the first time. Yeah, I have a game idea I've been messing with that is sort of in the same vain as this but it's more like a reincarnation sim. And thanks, I've been around snooping on the rpg maker sub. Mainly I've been focusing on music projects,  itching to get back into fully making games again. Just "finishing" a concept would be nice lol. Anyways,  loving your games man, keep it up!

Dude! I love this! Every game you make has this specific mood and style. I'm always excited to play them. I also enjoyed the Majora's Mask reference. The only thing I would suggest maybe is the "hint" block. As much as I needed it at one point, I felt like it took me out of the tension a little. Is it on purpose? like the "overlords" put it there as part of the experiment? Anyways, keep making these gems, and I'll keep playing them! I really want to make a fan game of this concept, I'm a little obsessed with it now lol. 

btw It legit took me 20 mins of playing it to realize the opening in the fence trigger haha. I felt dumb. 

Awesome game! Really love the art style and tense atmosphere of the music. Hope to see more great things come from you in the future :).

I just got a chance to play your demo,  It's one of the best horror experiences I've played in a looong time. So moody, and silent hillish/ lovecraftian. How did you make that GUI for items? I've been trying to do that kind of customized menu for a year lol. I love the artwork, LOVE LOVE LOVE the sound effects. Everything about this game is unique and draws you in as a player. Very well done :) you should be making games for a living with this skill. With so many rpg maker games and pseudo horror games flooding the internet nowadays, I really hope this gets the attention it deserves. Can't wait to play the full version!

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Thank you! I really appreciate the kind words. It was fun to make,  a year prior I had no idea there was game engines out there  for dumbie's like me lol. I haven't played Lisa, but I've seen screen shots and I totally see what you mean.  Thanks again! :)

P.S. Wait you're the creator of "Ancra" I've been wanting to play your game, I had a wedding recently so my plates been full lol. Your game looks amazing, I've been wanting to make a horror game on that level. 

haha thank you, the comments are always funny to read on that video when I don't visit my channel for a long time.

No problem man, I hope it's easy to understand. It was one of the first things I learned how to do before I started making games with rpg maker. I was worried about  size restrictions, and there is little to no youtube videos on this. I keep telling myself I should start a youtube channel for rpg maker stuff. I'd love to do a playthrough channel and showcase all these great games people like you are making, and aren't getting the attention they deserve :). I've gotta youtube channel I made a few years back for me and my girlfriends band, but the only video that got popular was a sad space jam song I made as a joke lol, it's got like 41k views some how. Anyways I'm rambling on, Good luck man!

Oh whoops! I made it private, let me know if this link works

Hey! I made a quick video for you, hopefully it's helpful...I've had a few beers lol. From the few reviews I've seen on Pixel Maker, I'm weary about buying it until the full versions out. It looks like it's got some serious Bethesda sized bugs right now haha. 

Definitely! that would be cool to have someone to bounce ideas off of, I use the rpgmaker subreddit a lot when I've been stumped before lol. I didn't know you made your own music, the music you made on Blank fit very well with the atmosphere of the game.  But yeah, good luck in the future man, can't wait to see what you create next! 

That's so cool the story is from your own experience. I think it would make for a really cool prequel for sure. I love the tone you set immediately in your games, I strive to do the same but I have at least 20 half finished games that I spent days just making the atmosphere right lol. I'm barely a year in to rpgmaker, but just like recording music I get overly obsessive with things. Btw  if you ever get over burdened on a project and need some quick music or my weird mediocre pixel art for your upcoming creations let me know . Just figured I'd throw that out there, but it's totally cool either way :). 

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Haha Thank you! I'm glad you dug the super scary finale lol. Do yourself a favor and download the "Moghunters plugin demo" It's some of the best plugins I've ever seen. It has animated text. Also the tall man was just like any other sprite sheet, just large. All you have to do is save it with a "$" in front of the filename and it can be YUGE! It was'nt a serious of events working together, I wish I had that much patience. Thanks for finding an issue, I often have trouble with windows opening while a show pic event is happening. As for the meat eating thing, did you choose to kill it?  

Btw if you get back into The Divide let me know what you think about "The House of Horrors." I was worried it might come off too cheesy ha. 

No way! Your game "Blank" made my night man.  The character design art style in that was so unique, I only wish the story was longer haha. Loved the writing and resolve of the characters insecurities, the pitch shifted narration "I'm assuming was you," Brilliantly done.  Also that intro sequence was so inspiring and intense. I could of played an hour long game of just trying to get out of the ship drifting in space haha.  Pixel Game Maker Mv had me at "physics" I just want to make the character walk on a crooked surface dammit! Since I got into rpg maker I've been trying to make an underwater horror plat-former haha. But anyways thanks for letting me know about PGM, I can't wait to waste months of my life on that when it drops :)

You're too kind! The instrument playing part was kind of an old idea I wanted to try to add to another game that got scrapped. I'm  honestly a musician pretending to be a game maker lol. I was going to go to bed,  but I'm not tired so I downloaded "Blank." Do you do all your artwork? I love that minimalistic pixel outlined style. Anyways, I'm gonna get weird on your game for a bit ha. Can't thank you enough for the kind words my dude :).

Hey  thanks a lot man! I really wish I had some more time to add more and extend the story a bit, but game jams you know how it is haha. That means a lot coming from someone with your brilliant game making skills. I still haven't played your new game "Blank" but I'm stoked to check it out this week. I know you know but it feels good to take a break from working on a game. I'll  check that save game issue though. Thanks again for your support!

Amazing job on this game! I've only got two endings so far but it's definitely got me hooked in to uncover the whole story. It's experimental but approachable IMO, unless your not a patient game player. Really excited to see the end and dive back into this atmospheric dark digital playground.  Being an RPG maker user for a little while now I can tell you put a ton of time into this, and it paid off greatly! very inspirational :)

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I'm glad I happened to glance the reddit forum and get your link. This game is very hypnotic from the surreal art and haunting soundtrack. I really enjoyed it, awesome job man. I'm going to have to pick up that ost on bandcamp, We seem to have very similar music recording styles haha. I just gotta get better at making games, this was nothing short of inspirational for me!

Just finished wrapping presents and got some free time to play this. It's short but sweet! I love the game play and graphics, It also feels fun to play which is a hard thing to pull off. The puzzles were just challenging enough too,  loved it!

This game is beautiful, the drawn graphics and music are amazing. This is endless inspiration ha, I hope you make more games in the future :).

Took me a minute to realize I needed a Gameboy Emulator to play it, but soo worth it haha. Cutest game ever.