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Hello! I've tried to purchase this a couple times now, but when I click "pay with card" it redirects me to the itch front page. Anything I can do to fix this?

(PS, I really love packing up your stuff, that game is wonderful and I can't wait to play this too!)

AAAAAAAAAH! Hell yeahhhhhh! Can't wait, can't wait. 2020 giant bomb best style

This stumped me as well, and I believe the answer is above the window there's a pink paper plane floating around a small light (maybe it's a hex symbol? unclear). I solved by hitting 'e' on the pink plane, changing it's color to grey. I'm not sure why that worked, or if that's actually the cause and effect that was meant to happen, but it did let me progress so I'll take it. :)

Amazing game! My partner is a socialist witch, with dreams to open a flower shop in the next year or two that's staffed by people without permanent living situations, so this hit me deep in the heart. I loved it, and I hope you keep making art!