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This is kind of a neat game! Reminds me a bit of Windows 3.1 adventure games.

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The art is really good, but the gameplay is lacking and doesn't take full advantage of it.  This would probably make a better clicker/idle game along the lines of Magic Potion Explorer/Destroyer.

Thanks for the feedback.!

> To spice things up even more you could give the carrier some HP and allow enemies to hit it.

This is actually in the game but disabled! There was supposed to be an in-game dialogue system that would keep you up to date with the game's state:

  • carrier under attack
  • civilian buildings being bombed by enemy (revenge for destroying a HQ)
  • time to complete mission running out

The dialogue system didn't make it into this cut, so I disabled all of those gameplay mechanics since they're almost undiscoverable unless you're right next to the event as it happens.

> I would add some long range missiles (maybe even homing) for enemies. Right now it can be pretty easy to just snipe stuff (with like 5% accuracy) from afar.

Yeah, I definitely need to work on this. Originally the targeting cursor was always fixed in front of the helicopter a certain distance, so you had to get close to ground targets to destroy them.. I changed the targeting system just before Christmas so that the targeting cursor followed the mouse position in game, but that had the side-effect of letting you snipe any buildings on screen. If you play it with a controller you get something closer to the original experience.

There's some radar pieces on the map that originally extended enemy targeting distances + enable homing missiles (enemy SAM was supposed to be able to hit you from off screen if you were in range of a radar tower), but the art style and aesthetic of buildings changed after the radar was made, so it looks out of place and lacks a "destroyed building" state like the rest of t he buildings. I meant to take them out of the map entirely, but I think there's one or two on some isolated islands.

> There should be information on the screen somewhere about remaining HQs. Its on the map right now, but you have to fly around and look for them (maybe that was the intention).

You're supposed to discover the locations yourself and race for highest score + highest time, but since the timer didn't make it into the game it doesn't make a lot of sense as things are right now.

Again, thanks for the feedback!