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No surprise this is the most popular game in the horror tag right now, y'all put in work. Good graphics, solid scares. I mean, you gave us a gun in a horror game. 10/10. A overall dope 10 to 15 minute experience. Looking forward to more games from y'all.

I like the sound design, and the whole style reminds me of Puppet Combo. It was so quiet in the house pretty much every sound was a jumpscare. Favorite part was reading "somethings coming to the basement" while hearing footsteps above me, great touch. Other than there being a little too much walking with not alot going on, it was a nice quick horror game. 

I'm already a big fan of the Haunted Ps1 genre, all the ones I've played are dope including this one. I really liked the mystery of "what happened to Dive Team Alpha?". Over-all I think the concept of being an ROV and not a human in any real danger took away from the tension, but it aloud stuff like the scanning to take place so it makes sense. The game still had a great deep sea atmosphere and was so quiet when a sound DID play it scared the mess outta me.

Game was dope, I love the Haunted PS1 games, and this one had some depth to it with the shady company and dialogue. Multiple endings is a big plus. (I got ending 1 so...the bad one I guess) Looking forward to your future games, hope more come soon.

I have a thing for polished indie games, and this was the definition of polished. all the settings I could ask for, voice acting, PLUS voice recognition which was really fun to use, props to the dev team. as far as the horror aspect goes, you're sitting in a dark office with creepy sounds all around you so yeah, it checks out. Then it got pretty emotional and I actually felt really bad, literally had me thinking "what did I do wrong" while editing. throw in that ending jumpscare and you have a dope horror game.

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Love the game, short, creepy atmosphere, dope music, jumpscares so lethal they don't need sound, and ps1 graphics as a plus. Keep it up with these games!