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Yes that is the plan! Enjoy Prayer, it's a lovely sequel. 

Thank you. Yeah that is something we thought long and hard about and hope we did a good job. 

aw thank you for your comment! The gentle correction comes straight from Dream Askew/Dream Apart, the SRD and first BoB games. It’s a lovely safety tool. 

WSCBHANM is a FREE GMless TTRPG for 2-6 players. Create your own non-monogamous character and play with your friends in a world dominated by monogamous values and rules about relationships, but you aren't going to!

  1. Print out the little pages and paste them in the front of a Moleskine or onto 3x5" index cards.
  2. Add a couple of dice! (The sex... I mean six-sided ones)
  3. Don't forget your pencil!
  4. You're good to go!

With apologies to: Jared Sinclair and those who prefer traditional conflict and normative relationships.

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Check out our newest game "What's So Cool About Solarpunk?" a rules-light, gmless ttrpg for 2-6 players based on "What's So Cool About Outer Space?" It's available in color and black and white formats for free!

This sounded like too much fun not to do, so we did it! We picked our favorite of the playset ingredients, and now there is a 2nd Edition playset available. Thank you for asking and providing the link for the Playset Creator! Hope you enjoy our playset! 

That's a great idea! We'll have to get our hands on a copy. How do you like the 2nd edition compared to the first? 

Super cute and lots of fun. So glad you shared this here. 😊 Makes me want more controllers. 😂 Agreed about being able to carry over money / or upgrade ... like something to keep that money stealing gremlin away! 😜 Maybe just a screen cap-based tutorial on this page for controls and maybe a few hints, like you can pre-fill some beers and put them on the counter for others to snag to deliver.

It definitely encourages more players, but it would be cool if it scaled a little for if you only have two players versus four players.

Hello, we just released our new game, The Transition Year, last night for a jam!  The Transition Year is a map-drawing game  of post-capitalist futures. 

It's a re-imagining of The Quiet Year by Avery Alder.  A ttrpg roleplaying game of a small community and social forces over a year in a post-capitalist future for 2-4 players over 2-4 hours. Get it for free at The Transition Year by Affinity Games Collective (!

We submitted this to Welcome To The Apocalypse Jam -, SAAM Arcade 2021 Game Jam -, and Applied Hope: The Solarpunk & Utopias Jam - Check out the other awesome games submitted to these jams!

We just released our cooperative, hobo-themed mod of the board game Ticket to Ride by Alan R. Moon and published by Days of Wonder. 

No Ticket to Ride is a cross-country hobo adventure. Players cooperate to help each other get to jobs by catching out trains on a map of North America. We also added some light role-playing elements. 

  • For 2-5 Players
  • Ages 8 and Above
  • 30-60 Minutes

Check it out here! No Ticket to Ride by Affinity Games Collective (

Looks like a great jam, thank you for sharing it! Let us know what you think of our playset!

Thank you! We hope more people do, it's been great for our neighborhood!

I would really like to play this, but the page seems down?

Thank you for this heads up! We appreciate you. We will get things updated. 👍

Hi! New here to the community but have been making indie card-based conversation games for a few years. The print-to-play pdfs are all free, check them out if you like
We are releasing our design process/tools for our newest card-based conversation game to the world, and hosting a Community Game Jam during these first few months of COVID-19 changes, isolation, and quarantine. 
What better time to have some hard conversations?! 
We hope folks will check it out and try their hand at making a card-based conversation game.