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The breath meter disappears when you are on the surface of the water, but does not reappear if you go underwater unless you go to land first.

Also, it seems it is still possible to drown on the surface of the water, as in the final challenge, I was on the surface of the water while using the Rau for the puzzle, and drowned(i was unaware of the depleting breath meter since it turns invisible when you are on the surface).

The strength block on the highest ledge does not require Pakari to move, and it has full physics(won't stay on the ground when pushed). Additionally, this block cannot be pulled when using the Pakari, you let go almost immediately. This block can also be pushed off the side into the Nui Jaga pit, which forces you to restart, since there is no way to get the block back up.

The strength block on the opposite side of the pit by the turret can be moved without Pakari aswell, but I don't see how it would be possible to get this block over the bridge without having the Mahiki active.  On a related note, but moreso feedback than a bug; the turret guarding this block is only a nuisance, and doesn't actually serve a purpose in the challenge, as its damage is low, and there isn't a way to avoid taking damage from it anyway(you can't use Huna or Hau to prevent it from hitting you, and can't use Pakari to pull the block so that the block is in between you and the turret, simply because, as mentioned earlier, there is no way to keep the bridge active without having the Mahiki active)

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The Pakari's current uses are moving heavy objects(although this is currently very finicky and will probably need fine tuning in the future) and increased damage(which feels rather underwhelming, and probably needs a buff nvm i just realized it's a passive effect that doesn't require the mask to be active, and i didn't try to attack the Nui Jaga without having the Pakari on). I find the object moving ability fine, as it makes sense, however it has clear utility overlap with the Matatu, at least in the way the block pushing is presented in the trials.

An additional use for the Pakari could be to smash breakable walls and floors. This would give the Pakari a use in exploration, like the Miru allowing you to reach higher places, or the Kaukau allowing you to reach places that are underwater.

Some unique mechanic with Skeleton in relation to bones (like how currently Skeleton can donate health in place of bones to open the Aquatic Route)

One possibility is that bones increase Skeleton's max hp based on how many he is carrying (up to 8 max hp, not including rhino skin). So 4 Bones would max it out, unless his hp is reduced by Crown of Death, in which case 5 (this is assuming that it would be 1 bone per max hp).

Another possibility is that bones could function like an overheal/shield for Skeleton, losing a bone instead of taking damage.

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I didn't do anything to open this vault, it opened when I entered the level. Did the maggot nests remove the walls?
NT:TE community · Replied to Yokin in Bugs

I tried the command, and no, the rumble from holding a Bone in your main hand isn't nearly as severe as setting it to 999.

The chest on walls thing, is it actually intentional? it seems like even when they appear, you can still find the normal amount of chests on the level, so are they just a kind of random bonus if you have a way to destroy terrain?

Every time I kill a Snowbot, I get the following error:
mods/pets+/divepet.mod.gml[L121,c22] `41596##` (Snowbot) does not have a variable `haskey`

the last two numbers in that string I replaced with hashes because they don't seem consistent. The ones I encountered ended with 68, 70, 66, and 77.

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1. There is perpetual controller rumble while holding a Bone in your active weapon slot.

2. Unable to select the NTTE crowns with controller.


1.  Chests and Rad Canisters can spawn on walls, meaning you can't get them without explosives.(intentional?)

2. Parrot will have the same crowns unlocked as the mutant you used to unlock Parrot (in this case, I used Crystal, who had Destiny and Curse crowns unlocked).

Found a bug: Crown of Death does not reduce Skele's hp with the mod.

Also, just my opinion, but I think Skele should have 6 max hp, rather than a full 7. I do like the Rad healing tho, it's very nice.  It just makes sense for a slow character to have access to healing, because they are more prone to getting hit than other characters. That being said,  how much did you increase his speed?