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Löved it! 💜

Heyyy ^^ valeu pelo feedback. Eu pensei mto em botar uns indicadores pros botões, mas no final eu resolvi deixar igual ao original. Fico feliz que tenha gostado :)

Hello everyone!

This is my project. It's heavily inspired by the 1997 version of Tamagotchi, featuring many of the features from the original, plus many adaptations I've made to make it more fun to play on Browser/PC!

Link to the game!


> Pet's needs increasing in real time
> Auto-save
> Evolution Tree (based on how well you took care of your pet)
> Simulating your pet's needs based on the time you were away (closed tab, PC off, etc)

> Full features of the original Tamagotchi, sickess, poop-cleaning, sleep, with timers based on the ones used on old school tamagotchi
> Not that much inspired : PCs are not keychain toys, and are not made to be turned on full time, so I've tweaked many stats (numbers and timers, mostly) to make it more pleasant to play.
> Difficulty modes! Nobody likes to lose their virtual pet because the game is asking too much commitment, right? I've made an easier mode, so  that everyone can play.
> Sleep timer mode: so... running the game full time is a lot of trouble. You wake up late one day (or simply get too late to the PC), and your virtual-pet is nearly dying! That's terrible, so I've made a mode that register your pet's sleep time, and pauses the game until you get to the pc!
>Customization: I've spent a lot of time making the game pretty, lol.

This is my first webgame, and I'm very happy with the result, and sharing it with everyone :)
Thanks for checking out, and hope you enjoy the game!