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Super excited, :) Do people who have bought the Alpha access also get 1.0+ Versions?

I will support the campaign anyway, but it would be good to know.

Keep up the awesome work!

Maybe he didn't know about that? Maybe there is some other reason? Maybe he is open to this suggestion if it's delivered in a more civilized manner?

Yes, saving space is nice, but I really appreciate that he supports both versions - even if I personally would not use 32bit version. But thanks that its there!

So you would like to see 32bit and 64bit separated? Because as I said: someone might want to have 32bit version.

About the size: I'm with you, a lot of applications are way too big for what they do. Especially the ones that ship a whole Browser to execute themselves ...

Its a sad trend ... But in this case: one version: ~ 75mb second version: 30mb more - should be ok, if you can handle the 75mb download.

Not necessary for you or for everyone? It's nice to have the choice for those who need it. Just as portable versions are ;)

Thank you for this recap. So Cerberus X is the remaining pice, thanks for pointing me in that direction. I was allways wondering where all the community has gone. Even the once very active german forum blitz-forum seem to be not very active now and i was allways wondering why there is no Monkey related content. A bit sad ... Basically i learned coding with Blitz3D back then - bought the Language and the only german book there was :D

Can someone tell me what happened? I used BlitzBasic back in the day and was happy to see, that this thing is still alive and got a successor ...