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thanks for the mention! I will patch this as soon as I can!

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Feature added! Needs a couple of improvements but it should have this functionality now!

Thankyou for the comment! Good to hear there is an option for Linux users and I appreciate you discovering this for me. The error you encountered is app side, I tried coding in to destroy all rooms before loading something in and everything severely broke for whatever reason but I am hoping to repair this issue by the next update.

Thanks for figuring out the cause of the endlessly spinning rooms! It gives me a lead on how to resolve this issue, what you explained does make sense so if I can replicate this as the cause of the issue I'll be sure to patch it!  

Thanks! I am working on resolving these issues! Also thanks for the reminder on the whole steam VR thing

Nice work! I think you did really well considering how little time we had!

Love this game! You have done really well and this feels really polished!

Game crashed on launch for me. Just want you to know