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unfortunatly no

Thank you. tbh no plan to add mouse cursor feature for now.

yes, there's no animations.


- sometimes buttons on a scrollview get accidentally clicked when you swipe scroll

- vertical slider was not working

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hi, it's possible to have 2 gridviews (with scrollviews) on same layout.  Just check how each of them is set up. Reach me on discord I can show you an example. 

discord username = Aekiro#1066

no unfortunately it's only for C3.

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You can get the download links again from here :

You can scroll to a an item like this : 

That does not look like a proui error.  To be sure, try using proui + button in a empty project and see if you still get this error.

contact me on Discord (Aekiro#1066) to send you a fix.

Make sure you're not using an old bundled version of ProUI.

If that's not the case, share with me the console errors.

On my side, C3 latest stable, export with advanced minif works  fine.

there's no plan to support worker for now. But if you want worker mode, you can still use the sprite object like before, but you need to:

1- create as many frames in sprites as the pictures you want to load

2- when you load a picture into the sprite, increment some counter so that the next image is loaded in the next frame 

All the picflaggrid instances share the same frames, so when you load an image into one it also loads in all the others. It's just how C3 works. To work around this limitation i made an add-on called remoteSprite, please look at the leaderboard example in the demo project. Also, remoteSprite doesn't work in worker mode, so you need to turn off worker mode in your project before using the remoteSprite add-on.

I will check what's wrong and let you know asap  Thanks.

Hi, just make sure you parent the content of the scrollview to the scrollview.

here's an example :

Hello, sorry that was a bug. It was fixed in the last version.

Thank you.

License added at the end of the description.


Thank you. For now there's no plan.

Same, I can't find my asset :

Search term : The Sprite Bundle.


Thanks for reporting. I just replied to you on Discord.

Hi, it's not possible at this moment. But it shouldn't be hard to add this feature. I'll let you know when it's done.

Hi, you need to initialize proui. Check the eventsheet  Sorry about it.

Thanks. I'll fix it asap.

I guess this was fixed by updating the addons and adding "init proui" to  the "on game saved" trigger.

OK; I'll try to make an example on my side.

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Thanks, I'll try that. The thing is, the init action needs the current layout with its objects ready. So maybe, when this.GetRuntime().AddLoadPromise() resolves, the layout is not ready yet ?

Sorry for late reply, but I don't think that's possible in construct. There's however a clone action in the proui plugin that receive json string. What you can do is when your game launch it first goes through the prefab layout, where you save all the prefabs as json in a dictionary. Now anywhere in the game you can clone a prefab with the clone action of proui plugin.

Hi, the init action needs to be the first thing to be executed on any eventsheet. So maybe you're including an eventsheet that set the progress bar before init action get called ?

 Can you share with me a simple example where the bug occurs, with me on Discord or here.

What I can do is add "on init" trigger.

username = Aekiro

Of course, just put the text as child of the content container.

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Hi, probably you need to initialize ProUI with the init action at the start of the layout. If that's the case, I'm sorry about not updating the tutorials.

Also, please look in the demo project for how things are setup.

Cool, what's your channel ?