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oh heeyyy kuro////

long time not to see you

the game still prototype and has problems, but thanks ///

no problem at all///

thank you^^
now I write first chapter of it, hope it will be good~~

thank you//
err.. I'm sure I'm not japanese;;;

ah, yes, I've check it
it's scene when first time meet jorogumo, thank you for point it;;;
I'll make it note on it.
yes, there's mysteries still unexplained and I plan to write it on Full Game, especially about "Yuu" Yume's friend;;;;
still on my freelance job now, so for a while I can't touch this project yet;;; T.T

Hello cubehero,
Thanks for playing my VN :)
I admit the story kinda rush and I've missed some point.
and for misplaced name, I think it refer to Hanako's background story scene. I did it on purpose. place yume's name in hanako's point of view.
ah...yeah;;;, forgive me  not mention this story kinda have tragic treat, actually I need some impact on my story, and this thing only I have to do ^^;;;

Thank you^^
ah, forgive me for my weird grammar
English isn't my first language, so please excuse my mistake;;;

Hi RosaShadows

Thank you for download and give me lovely comment
feel free to record the playthrough of the game^^