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Must love bunnies!

Doing a colorful  illustrative dungeon game

amazing job! Love the look and feel of the game

We're working on finishing the game :) Don't worry there's vampires ;)

Thanks for playing.!

We're always eager to improve where did you lose the story?

There's two endings BTW ;)

You will definitely get the chance Gaia, The whole team was unanimous in the decision to continue once the jam was done. 

Can't wait for you to play till the end, I hope you enjoy it.

We're still working so you can get the full version jate8d.  You'll have to let us know how you like it when it's been updated!

We had to give you something while you wait ;)

Thanks Sylver! We put alot of work into it and have kept working after the deadline so we can update with the finished product as soon as we're able.

Thanks Illusia, We're working on completing the game and will update :)

Thanks Janna for playing JannaSol! Diablana is an amazing artist and the whole team is keen to keep going with the Witching Hour.

What was your favourite part?

Thanks for playing tigerJ!

So happy you enjoyed it and yes this is an intro to something bigger we hope to complete. can heal the flowers more.

I really enjoyed watching you play and am glad you caught the feels we were trying to portray.

I think you're the only one who healed the plants fully!

Thanks for playing

Thanks Skrumf :)

I'm glad that came across.

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Hi Vanne. Thanks for playing! And great suggestions! The game isn't complete and we would love to revisit it. Teru should actually become mutated when healing plants. We'd love to finish so you can have the full experience.

Thanks TAW8, we really enjoyed putting it together. If we manage to get it completed we'll update the page

Thank you XD

Thanks for playing the game Joshua! 

We may be able to do an updated version that would include more exposition (and dialogue from albert the fish) a replay would be high on the list of features.

Thank you, all i'm seeing is welcome and rules. maybe the wrong link was posted?

Thanks Webthingee! We had fun :)

We don't seem to have a dedicated channel?

Hi Max! Im working on one right now. Would you like to discuss in discord?

If anyone needs a writer I would love to join a team :)

Hi Magnus,

Thanks for reaching out! Sorry to say this isn't the type of project I'm looking to work on at the moment.

Best of luck !

Hi Don

Feel free to add me on discord

Thanks for the heads up Dr!

not at all

Thanks Twill!

Accpeted and interested!


would definately be down to discuss #8068

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Literary Wizard for hire!

Will collab on just about anything, looking to expand my portfolio.

Have a vision that needs narration, character creation, or dialogue...ation?

Let's discuss!


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