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Sure, feel free to share!

feel free to repost it.

there's source code available. It's C (cc65) with a little bit of 6502 asm

I wanted to submit a real NES homebrew game, because why not?

Is this okay here?

Press Z (or X, I don't remember) on the start option.

Game designer reporting here. can do games both good and bad. Where I can contact you?

famitracker had a PC speaker instrument set in a forum topic called "PC Speaker Challenge". Tried and tested, have fun

invite is outdated or invalid

It's 1990. Everyone and their mother is starting their own company.

You decided to start a pharmacy. It's up to you what will you do with that land that you bought. Will you build a research-oriented pharmacy? Maybe a HUUUUGE pharmacy with room for all medicine you can imagine? It's your own pharmacy, and your own rules.

Pharmacy Wars 2 is a Chris Sawyer-styled pharmacy management sim that mixes Rollercoaster Tycoon-style gameplay with original ideas!


  • Over 30 random events that can happen!
  • Over 30 objects to buy!
  • 5 ways to advertise yourself!
  • 5 types of medicine!
  • Unlimited research possiblities!
  • 7 pieces of music by Adrian Makes Games!
  • An interactive tutorial that will help you start in the game!
  • A free, ONE-YEAR LONG demo!


(sorry for the quality)

Why are you still reading this? Check out the game at

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I would like to team up with you! I want to do a Software Inc. style game.

I can do design and 3d models (but I can't animate them)

Did one last fix for the game. Added use for the fire stations, fixed the happiness bug, corrected a name of one building and increased the max speed.

Play the game at

Thanks to everybody that helped me during this jam (NMFS, Devi Ever, PineCone Graphic) for helping me endure this jam and finish up this game.

PicoTown Milestone 2 showcase!

Oh, a bug. Forgot to call the repaletting routine.

A title screen.

Added a palette change option for daltonists, weirdos and other people. Not sure who will use it, really.

Here's your City Stats screen.

A busy day in PicoTown. Everyone is going shopping.

No Twitter and -1 energy. That means that there's no energy in the town!

Working on Milestone 2 of PicoTown. Just see, the game actually counts residents now.

Added a new song to celebrate Milestone 1.

Built a very kawaii city for Devi Ever and co. in Milestone 1 of PicoTown.

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MILESTONE 1 HIT! Now it's time to do the rest, like resident counting, taxes, energy and water usage and stuff.

Revamping the building system to be better and randomize the zone buildings.

Another sample city for Devi Ever and co.

Like, I'm writing a totally embarassing song for PicoTown. Because bad music is better than no music for me.

Let's play spot the reference!

And even more humor...

Some humor never hurt anybody.

Implemented the building menu and building.

Menus implemented.