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Really good, has a papers please feel to it. It would be nice though if you could make up little stories to go with the requests, to make it more involving.

Wow, amazing writing style, I really felt immersed into the universe and for a second there I was plugged in to the Netherfield network.

You've managed to create an addictive game. 

The power of imagination is stronger than any visual effects computers can generate,  and your story can surely summon it.

Always love a good runner game, and this is one of them. Keep up the good work!

I would really love to see more of this game, perhaps a post compo version.

Also, i kept listening to Cash's song ever since you posted the first progress pics.

Kept getting lured by those damned sirens, but otherwise very fun and great sailing mechanism.

Some games manage to really give me a fright, this is one of them. Its really involving.

Really awesome game, if you would add networked multiplayer, it would be amazing.

5/5 from me, really innovative and amazingly drawn.

Really cool graphic style, i dig the minimalist approach, and also like the mix of puzzle and action mechanics.

Good job.

SnoutUp, for replayability, the key is hidden randomly every time your start the game, so not even I cannot help with finding it, 

It does however hide in a limited set of places, which is easy to see if you look at the source code.

A little difficult, but i like the challenge.

xammond, Thank you for playing,

I can give you some hint if you are interested.

Amazing, you've created a great game experience.

Thank you Danielleri.

Awesome game mechanics, i love it the most.

Awesome atmosphere.

I love the WebGL work. Really nice.

Nice game, I like this ideea, throw your money away!