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Hi, i love the game, can i do the spanish translation?

Hi, can I translate the game into spanish?


I have already translated the game into spanish


Hi, i love the game. Can i do the spanish translation?

Can I do the translation into spanish?

Do not know what category to send your game to? You are in the right place to solve all your doubts.

  • Most Vicious Game Awards? Games like Hollow Knight or Dead Cells are a good example.
  • We Want A Sequel Award? Games like Hollow Knight or Dead Cells are a good example. (Again)
  • Less Indie Game Award? Games like Cuphead or Ori and the Blind Forest are a good example.
  • Most Cool Game Award? Games like Minecraft or Goat Simulator are a good example.
  • Epic Games Award? Games like Fortnite or Dauntless are a good example.
  • Please Try Again Award? Games like Tod and Leben or Egg Clicker are a good example. (My games)

That is all, good luck.

Buen juego, el pong de toda la vida. Con 2 modos, uno de 3 puntos y otro de 10. Si te gustó el pong original este te gustará.

He publicado mi primer juego: Tod y Leben. Un juego sobre animales que hablan.

Juega en español:

Juega en inglés:

I released my first game: Tod and Leben. A game about talking animals.

Play in english:

Play in spanish: